Neighbours on study; those who deal with creative

Neighbours are those people who stay near my home. Most of my neighbours are come from many different countries. To the right side of my home is the home of the Kiangs. To the left side is the home of the Lams, and in the front is the home of the Grants. When my family arrived in their community, I used to think that they were best friend of my family. After living in this neighborhood for five years, I have to realize that my neighbors can be described in three specific groups: those who concentrate on study; those who deal with creative ventures and those who organize, systematic, and understandable.
The first group in my neighbours tends to concentrate on study these proper. An example of this type of neighbors is child psychology and preschool education. Mr. Kiang is my neighbor and known to my family ever since we have shifted to our present home, about five years ago. He arrived from Frank in 1960. He has become nationally recognized for his contributions in the fields of pre-school education and parent teacher relationships. His voice is not just of the immigrant South Asian community but also of an immigrant community of the millions who have stayed in ancestral culture. His pleasure is derived from helping those who need help. He can paint, white wash, mow the lawn, trim the plants, wash clothes and do carpentry. He is a good Christian and seldom misses his Sunday church attendance. He is called by the people in the neighborhood, the second “Rip-van- winkle.” A good Samaritan, indeed, he is.


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