Native life a person could have the name

Native Americans have a very rich culture filled with many traditions, and they have only started to become better known in the past 25 years or so.
One of these many traditions is a Totem. A person could have several names as they progressed through their life. For example, at one stage of their life a person could have the name ‘Shining Sun’ in another stage of their life they could have another name like this, which describe their life.
Native Americans had a lot of traditions that they followed and they always believed that they had a lot of wisdom. So these are examples of acts of wisdom that Native Americans did.
All traditions that Native Americans followed involved nature. Native Americans were indigenous people and they really enjoyed and loved nature.
Native Americans believed in many beliefs that healed and protects nature.
There are about 566 recognised tribes for the Native Americans and the Alaskan Tribes. Each tribe has a different culture, tribe, language, lifestyles and dressing.


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