National of all those creatures which are thoughtout

National parks(NP) are supported to the take care of all those creatures which are thoughtout to be threatened and will become extinct in future.To save all species of plants and animals for future generationfor many of learning and cultural purposes, NP plays crucial role in conservation.It is a paradise for creatures to live freely without any disturbance and destruction of territory.There are many species of plants & animals which are used for medicinal ,non medicinal and learning purposes but due to lack of care,look after,territory destruction & pollution issues,these species are at the risk of disappearance.NP preserve all these threatened species from disappearance.Almost 1000 species(rough estimated) of plants and animals are at the edge of disappearance,NP provides satisfactory environs for survival.Grizzly Bear which was at risk of disappearance with number of 136 but keeping in NP its number increased by 700 all of this change in number is just because of secure caring and satisfactory environ and territory provided in national park.same like Green sea turtle’s number increases from less than 100 to 3500 because of struggling,hard working efforts of national park’s staff and NP.Some of animal and plants are mentioned below which are noe save from disappearance: Sentry milk-vetch(Grand Canyon(GC) NP),Mission Blue Butterfly & Franciscan mazanita (Golden Gate NP),Saint CroixGround lizard(Buck Island Reef National Monument),Indian & Gray Bat(Mammoth Cave & Kentucky NP),California Condor(GCNP,Pinnacles NP),Black-footed forest(Badlands & Wind Cave NP),Colorado pikeminnow,Humpback Chup & Razorback sucker(Canyonlands NP,Glen Canyon & Lak Mead recreational area & other NP along Colorado river)


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