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Nathan Marie 6B! of !12To Mr. Wesley Mootoosamy, Most applicants are drawn to be a prefect as a way to be in the school’s lime light or for the effectiveness of the title on their university applications, although these are all benefits of being prefects, what really attracted me was the collaborative work, the contribution to the school spirit and well-being and most importantly to be a representative of the students around the school and help them voice out their needs and wants. In my opinion, the role of a Prefect is someone who shows great confidence in being a major representative for the school and the students. Throughout my six years at Le Bocage I have always aspired to be a prefect as watching the consecutive prefect teams that the strength was made from all types of people, be it from different religion, culture, social group, economical background, academic performances and people who through their strength, weaknesses, failures and team spirit made it a powerful prefect team. Moreover, prefect and perfect are spelled out with the same letters and I believe that they work together, having a balanced prefect body on all boards will lead to the path of being a potential perfect change to LBIS. Moreover, being a prefect requires a set of skills that I feel I can bring to the prefect body as I consider that I matured the ability to work as a leader and also be part of a team as I consider myself to be a good communicator as I do not forget that it is a bidirectional process, therefore listening is key within communication as we have a greater opportunity of building up on each other’s idea and come to a final solution. Additionally, I hope that being prefect will help me strive to be an organised, efficient, risk-taking, open-minded, loyal and dedicated student to the LBIS community and as an individual.

Le Bocage gave me the opportunity to perform and champion many achievements, which made my strengths that I have today. My participation within the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award has further developed skills such as working collaboratively with my peers in a strained environment, when we struggled to navigate towards our final destination it was important for us to work together as a team to achieve our goal and I think that this is a value that is significant to be prefect. Additionally, this year I have applied for the Student representative council, because I wanted to participate in the schools decisions and activities, I have shown progressive leadership skills throughout the months as I had to maintain a grip of five students from the ‘B’ class, also within the group it helped me organise my work to be available for meetings, plan activities for events at the school. This presents me with the opportunity to interact with younger age groups, but I feel like a limitation within the SRC body is that working with youngsters who do not have the maturity to be involved and organised can be hassle, but I hope that working as a prefect with a well-balanced team will help us leave a mark on school and even develop programs or activities to enhance the experience of students at school as I want to have the privilege and responsibility to make a significant contribution to the school spirit. Into the bargain, I am also part of the peer mentoring programme as it is a way learn and connect with younger students at school, but more importantlyNathan Marie 6B! of !22know and understand how they feel towards the school and their education, thus being able to help them to grow as individuals just like we did. PMP, also helped me meet and work with new students in my form, but also teachers I have not worked with also and I think that this all helps to strengthen my open minded skills, see education through a new lens which developed my inquiring skills, also my thinking and caring skills were put to the test as I needed to find new ways to work with students that face challenges at school. Therefore I do believe that being a prefect is undoubtedly a challenging and demanding role, considering the many inputs and opinions have to be taken into account, however it is a role that I feel I could meet successfully and give a worthwhile contribution to suggestions brought to the Student Voice and be able to offer innovative ideas within the school and maybe change the ageing ones.

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I want to offer to the school as mush as it gave me in whatever needs doing with my initiative, ability to work within a team and as a hopefully competent leader. For these reasons, I believe that I am greatly suited to the role as Prefect and view it as an excellent opportunity to further show my commitment to LBIS.


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