Name: receiver to understand and even give the

Name:Devesh DwivediRollno.: 09Topicname: Communication ProcessDate:22/12/2017Program:PGDM RMCommunicationItis the process of exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, emotions, feelingsand bringing sender and receiver at par with each other. To have anycommunication to take place there should be some degree of commonness. Hence ideaof message, it’s interpretation and the environment of usage are criticalfactor for its success.Communication Model Source- The entity withinformation/idea to share is known as source.

Source could be a person or aninstitution (organisation). Encoding- Once thesender/source has some information to be shared it needs to be framed into aparticular form which is easy for the receiver to understand and even give thereal meaning of information. This process of framing by choosing appropriatewords, pictures, symbols etc is called Encoding Message- It is the endresult of encoding. It is framed and structured way of information usingappropriate elements. Message can be verbal or nonverbal or any other form likeoral or written or mix of both. It should be easy to be used for the desiredchannel of communication. Channel- It is the meansby which message(communication) is transferred or travelled from sender to receiver.

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Personal and non-personal are two broad categories of channel. Receiver- The individualwith whom the information, emotions, and ideas are to be shared is calledreceiver. In IMC or Advertising receivers are usually consumers from the targetmarket. Decoding- It is the methodof interpreting the message to understand the information, emotions andthoughts. Noise- This is theunwanted information, interference and distortions in the message. Feedback or Response- Itis how the receiver react to the particular communication. Analyzing the Receiver In order to have a desiredresponse to the communication and communicate effectively to the customer theinformation and choice of the target audience is important. What the audienceknow and feel about the product/service or the brand is a must that marketersmust know about the audience.

They should also know how likely the market isgoing to respond to a particular message.  Identifying the TargetAudience The process ofcommunications begins with identifying the receiver in case of marketingcommunication the receiver is the target audience. The identification of targetaudience is must for the success of marketing communication to achieve thedesired action and marketing objective. The target audience depends on how thebrand, product or service is positioned. The target audience could be mass market,market segments, niche markets or individuals/groups.

There are differentapproaches to communicate to each set of audience. The Response Process It is the basicunderstanding of how the consumers go about the marketing communication toperform a specific behaviour and how consumers are influenced by promotionalcampaigns. Traditional ResponseHierarchy Model AIDA Model- It is themodel which talks about how to take the consumers/costumers from getting theirattention, generating their interest ,having desire to use/being affiliated tothe product/service or brand and thereby getting the desired action from theconsumer usually purchase. This model is prominent among salespersons.  FCB Grid FCB grid is based on thefact that left and right side of brain are working differently and perfomdifferent task ie rational thinking and other part is more towards feelings andemotions.

FCB Grid Model is used for understating what kind of advertising issuitable for which category. The classification is done on should theadvertising be rational informative or emotional feel. How the target audiencebehave (buying behaviour).What are the motivations for buying. What kind ofneed is fulfilled by the buying. FCB grid classifies theadvertising into 4 quadrants. On Y axis is has the factor involvement whilebuying (High Involvement or Low Involvement) whereas on X axis it has Thinkingor Feeling as the two extremes.



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