Name create the new regional and global influences.

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The framework of comparison comprise economic and ideological components.
Arenas of comparison: discus the nature and explain the features of each arena.
Liberal democratic States Communist States Post-communist /New Democratic States Least developed States Islamic States Marginal State
• The systems is based on the fair and democratic elections.
• It has high ratings on the freedom house and economic freedom.
• Protect and priorities the individual law.
• High quality of life.
• It has an important regional and global influence. • It has the centralized government/ political control.
• It is moving from being a controlled state to being an open state.
• Restricted economic freedom
• Difficulties with the social adaptation.
• An external identity crisis. • It focuses on improving the state structures.
• On a process of improving the life quality.
• Democratization.
• It create the new regional and global influences.
• The creation of the economic transformation. • It has weak and struggling political parties
• Limited economic prospect.
• Unstable state structure
• Inadequate state structure.
• Regional and global significance • It made up of divided political parties.
• It has mixed economic fortunes.
• Social inequalities
• Creating the new global significance.
• Tension in the state caused by the religion.
• It is a semi-democratic state because the rest is owned by religion • It has a systematic political weakness.
• Economic decline
• Negative global and regional influence.
• Social deprivation
• It has a weak state structure.
(McCormick, 2017:26)

What does the concept, “transition economy” or a “country in transition” entail?
• It is a country that is moving being a controlled state to be an open economy state
In which of the above arenas does one classify economies and countries in transition?
• Post-communist /New Democratic States

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Name 5 countries/economies that are in transition
4. Uzbekistan
5. Kazakhstan

Variables for comparison: describe the indicators of each variable
Political Economic Social
• Corruption perception index- it measure the failure and the success of the state and it measure the political effectiveness around the world
• Freedom house ranking • Gross domestic product (GDP)-it measure all the total goods and services that are produces by the state at the given time.
• Per capita GDP, distribution of GDP and the urban population. • Human development index (HDI)- it measures the social conditions and quality of life of life
• Infant mortality, life expectancy and literacy.

McCormick, J.2017.Comparative politics in transition. 7th. Wadworth: Cengage Learning.


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