Name: may feel ignored or not belonged

Name: PANALIGAN, ROMNER JOAQUIN R.Section: B81Topic: Gender Discrimination in Maritime Industry Gender discrimination has been an issue and topic of debates and discussions for decades.

It usually happens in all professions. One of which is maritime industry. In this paper, online articles are viewed and analyzed to discuss the forms of Gender discrimination in Maritime Industry. Being a seafarer is not that easy. Aside from numerous job qualification, women experience difficulty in the application process. According to Durak (n.d.), there are many forms of gender discrimination.

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A seafarer’s job is globally male-dominated work. Many women encounter difficulties in finding a job. Inequalities also happen when it comes in hiring. Some companies do not employ them.

They believe that women should improved their skill and ability. On the other hand, women can work as hard as men do, they must be treated equally in terms of hiring. In order to support women, in some countries they follow the steps established by International Maritime Organization (IMO) in honing and empowering women on issues involving industry. Without discrimination women can entirely and thinking about co-workers discriminating them, but there are some companies that promotes a women, they encourage women to be part of the maritime industry. Women believes that if you cannot beat them, join them.

In the past few years, the percentage of women that are being employed raised, that made other inspire working at sea. Maritime environment is strictly male-dominated, women at sea may feel ignored or not belonged because of their limited capabilities. There are many operations onboard the ship. It is divided according to their departments, like Deck, Engine and Steward. Inequalities also happens when it comes on working inside the ship. According to Mukherjee (2017), the percentage of women in the ship are increasing, but they experience a lot of challenges.

Some workers inside the ship are not fair to their co-workers especially on women. They said that women are not competent enough to that job. Most of the operation onboard he ship are more on physical such as lifting, unloading cargo and changing oils.


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