Myth and can even harm your memory performance. 5-

Myth of multitasking in our busy schedule we try to finish everything as soon as possible to manage time to meet friends or family or to earn more money. But does our brain really capable of doing multitask we write emails watch news feeds look at facebook and twitter and chat- all at the same time as our main task. and we are convinced that we are able to cope with all this heap of multitasking without harm to our productivity. But modern scientific research shows that multitasking is not as effective as we think and it can be dangerous for health. It is not equal to high performance. conversely doing several things at once can significantly reduce your effectiveness. Here are the reasons why you should stop multitasking- 1- multitasking is actually a constant switch from one task to another and our brain is absolutely not adapted to multitasking. For example rub your right hand on head front to back. and with your left hand rub your belly in circular motions. after a few minutes the brain will collapse and you will begin to make the same movements with your right and left hand and also begin to experience stress and even physical ailment because the brain will switch very quickly between different tasks. 2- it is popular believes that you save time by doing multitasking but on contrary it makes you slow. Performing two tasks will take you much more time as you will constantly jump from one to another instead of performing each separately. 3- many types of research show that switching between works decreases the good performance or results. If you are performing 3 tasks simultaneously then ultimately the chances of error in the 3rd task is maximum. 4- multitasking decreases your concentration. The more work you do more difficult it becomes to focus and to filter the information sometimes you grasp unnecessary information or skip important information. It gradually reduces your ability to concentrate and can even harm your memory performance. 5- one of the famous and most people even experienced it- eating while watching tv. We dont realize how much we are eating we just eat slowly and more. So its always better to do one thing at a time. How to avoid multitasking 1- planning is the most important thing. Make a habit of planning your day; include only main tasks you have to do. 2- manage your time. Make a promise to yourself that you will take a break after completing one task. 3- set priority. Decide what the first important thing that you should complete. 4- dont open multiple tabs on the computer. One link leads to another and you start to see the tweet or any other social network and now you are scrolling and working. 5- if you are working on the project dont get involved in other projects or meeting learn to say no.


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