My people for instance I will spend

My writing isn’t as glamorous as some people for instance I will spend hours or even days procrastinating over a paper I’m suppose to write and sometimes when I feel I got something down a will erase it and start all over again simple to ensure that it comes out a certain way. Other times I will take it each step which can be easier because it gives me something to focus on and an endgame in mind.

What I used to start my paper, I use when I finish my paper. I use Microsoft Word as my main source of writing my drafts. My secondary method is writing done interesting facts and statements I found during my research that I want to return to when I am typing the rough draft. I find that writing important things down helps with my time efficiency and keeps me more focused on my research, instead of copy, pasting, and switching screens each time. I believe writing a rough draft with our advancement of technology a waste of time for me, and I choose to use Word for my drafts. I neatly present it for proofreading. My handwriting is not the best, and I feel that it is easier to read from a computer screen than reading messy handwriting. Word does most proofreading for you. Today, everyone is so used to read from a computer screen that it has become natural, but depending on who can proofread my paper, it can be right on the screen or from a hard copy. I do believe I work more efficient typing than any other method I used in the past.

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Once I have a good understanding about my research topic, I normally do not have an issue starting my paper using a Word document. One thing I will say is that I tend to procrastinate on many assignments, but I do not think this is necessarily a negative thing for myself. I have always worked well under pressure, and I feel that it makes me more efficient in achieving my goals. For school, I am the same way, but not last minute or hour though. To me, starting a paper a couple days before it is due has become a standard for me because I believe that I value the time I must finish, rather than pondering and becoming side tracked more often.


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