My the student life fellow (SLF) community

My contribution to the Wharton community will primarily be driven by my empathetic personality and my academic and work experience. I vividly remember the day my father told me that my  mother had had an accident. I was in 9th grade. Later, I found out that a stranger had helped her and probably saved her life. Ever since, I have had a strong empathetic connection with people. Within a group setting, I am usually the person who intuitively knows and understands everyone around. At Wharton, I will leverage my ability to connect with people to bolster collaboration in my clusters as well as my club engagement.Born in an environment of limited means but with budding curiosity and ambition I see the world differently. I do not look at constraints and hardships as obstacles but as avenues of creativity and opportunity. For example, my 10th grade science project was a new windmill design, which I built from bottles and magnets salvaged from my old stereo or in college I fixed and flipped stuff from junkyards to raise money for my robotics project. At Wharton, my flexible and innovative approach to problem solving within limited resources will be especially relevant during case preparation and competitions..  I also believe very strongly in knowledge-sharing. At Citi, I am consciously building a network with people who have seen banking change with the advent of big data and machine learning. I would leverage these connections for conferences such as Biztech and for the Fintech and the Data Analytics club. Moreover, given my history of helping my peers with mathematics and statistics, I already see myself as the go-to person for my clustermates in related subjects.  I would also be thrilled to share my hands-on experience in data analytics, a subject I love. What I could not find in my research on Wharton is a dedicated student support group. I know that the MBA curriculum can be very challenging, as I have personally seen a good friend go through depression due to MBA stress.  Medical help apart, it was the support of friends and family that got her through it.  At Wharton, I would leverage the Wharton Wellness Club to organise sessions about managing stress. Also, utilising my experience helping with new hires at Citi, I will gladly join the student life fellow (SLF) community and support incoming MBA students through their first year journey.


I'm Owen!

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