My striker. My lack of power was also

My biggest fitness weakness is my power. Power is move ortravel with great speed or force and is also known as speed * strength. Asfootball is contact sport strength is needed and really affects the way I play.

Speed is also extremely important for a striker like me, as it is needed tomake runs or be ahead of the defender. Even if I am a striker of small statureI use my speed to make fast runs, I must be able to hold the ball off adefender using my body strength. My main justification for choosing thiscomponent as a weakness is that I regularly get the ball and loose it, as I amnot able to keep it because the defenders are stronger and I have no option topass it. On my recent match against Winchester I wasn’t able to compete withthe defenders so I had to play as a central attacking midfielder instead of astriker. During this game I had many long balls passed to me for me to hold andwait or pass that I wasn’t able to hold off, even if I did pass well that game.

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Better power would mean that I would be stronger therefore it would be harderfor the defenders to tackle me ultimately making me a better striker. My lackof power was also seen in a game against Eaton, as I couldn’t outpace theirdefenders making my efforts worthless. I wasn’t creating space and I wasn’tmaking myself available and it was obvious that I needed to change position orbe substituted. During the last twenty minutes we were tied and needed a goalto win but as I could not make myself available as I was lacking speed weweren’t able to win. I believe that this would have been different if I hadbetter power so more speed and strength. Within my chosen activity of football I believe thatcardiovascular endurance is one of my main strengths. It is also known asanaerobic power and it is the ability of the heart and lungs to supply oxygento the working muscles. As football is 90 minutes long this gives me a greatadvantage towards the end of the game, it is also extremely important for afootball player to have some to ensure they can last the whole game.

As astriker although I have to do a lot of sprinting and make runs I have to ensurethat I am good and available even towards the end of a game. My mainjustification for choosing this as a strength is that I normally last a whole gamewithout feeling tired and that get better towards the end of the game. In arecent game against Shrewsbury I got really good at the end of the game and itwas easier to play against our opponents. During the end of the game I was gettingthe ball all the time, as I wasn’t as tired as the other players. As a strikerI also have to be against defenders who are normally the players that have torun less during the game so having a good cardiovascular endurance is even moreimportant.

 My skill weakness is passing. The action of passing a ballto another team member. In a game of football the skill of passing should beused to get around opponents, if stuck to pass to another team member or to getcloser to the opponent’s and goal reduces the risk of giving away position. Byusing the side of your foot pass the ball by hitting it in the middle giving itthe direction you want have a minimal follow through. I go towards the footballgiving myself enough room for my foot to swing and kick my leg through it.

I keepmy eyes on the ball and put my other foot next to the football. I use the sideof my foot because it is more accurate. The last time I tried this skill was inmy last football game of the season, as passing is an extremely common skill itis very rare not to pass it. Since it is basic I have to improve it as soon aspossible. I was playing against Charterhouse and I passed it back to mymidfielders. I passed it to weakly so I lost possession and the opposing teamwent on a counter attack and scored because of my bad pass.

That made us losethe game it was very frustrating because even though I played quite well thatgame but because of that mistake the feedback I was given wasn’t very good. Welost that game and I was dropped to the C team. I also once had to play as acentre back because my team member arrived late, in the first five minutes Ipassed it back for my keeper but unfortunately I passed it to hard meaning thatI scored an own goal, that really made it difficult for us to win. My skill strength is dribbling. Dribbling is the action ofmoving the ball forwards past opponents with slight touches of the feet. In agame situation dribbling is used to go forwards the pitch moving into spacewhilst having the ball in control with slight touches. Dribbling is used ifthere is space and no other option is available or there is only one defenderin front of you. Dribbling is usuallyused for the offense.

A player controls and keeps the ball and if he still doeshe is in control of the game. He uses agility to create passes and alsotemporise so that the team can move up, he cannot lose the ball or there willbe a counter attack and also think of what he will do in advance and look upfor a pass. This skill should be performed by using slight touches and keepingthe ball near the body so that there is less chance for the defender to tackleyou without fouling you. I last used this skill successfully against Eton; itwas over a month ago. I was passed the ball just outside the area and there wasonly a defender between me and the goal so I dribbled around him and got into aone on one against the keeper, which I scored.

To get through the defender Ifaked going to the left using a body fake and then went right the defender wentthe wrong way. This skill really benefited my performance because I scored agoal, we tied the game and my coach gave me some positive feedback by tellingme to try that more in games because it worked well. Another example wasagainst Wellington, where I got the ball at around the centre of the pitch so Idribbled towards the front of the pitch and waited for team members to come up,I then passed it back to a midfielder just outside the area, he shot straightaway and was pretty close from scoring as the ball hit the post. Dribbling isvery important for strikers as they use it as another way to hold up the balland to get into much better positions.

 Weight training isphysical training that involves lifting weights.


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