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My traded clothesHave you ever ordered a shirt or something online that shirt could have been made in one place then sent to another and another before getting to you?The silk road was a trade route which means if you wanted something you had to wait for the people to go where you are to get that thing you wanted.The silk road was dangerous but they get a lot of money from it as it was long and and had some challenges.   First,the silk road took place started at 150 B.C. and ended around 500 A.D. the silk road routes were to india, rome,japan and around china they were really far the trail was around 4,000 miles that is a lot.The dangers of the silk road were starvation,thirst,bandits and sandstorms and the camel stopping or dying from starvation,thirst, or bandits.The chinese traded silk,tea, and salt and they get a lot of money from silk since it was expensive and a lot of people would want it or need it and if someone is buddhism they need silk for one of their rituals one of the main things that is needed was silk so it was win-win for buddhist and the chinese.There were other things that came with the silk road trade ideas also spread and that is good for advancement and for your country and people but diseases also spread which got hundreds posibbly thousands of people but back then they didn’t know how it happened and they didn’t think of blaming the silk trade.     To conclude,The silk road did have its ups and down for gaining money getting silk,tea,salt and and china got things from other places as well.Although The path was dangerous and the were risks like starvation,thirst,bandits, and sandstorms and ideas got around which would have help advance some countries but diseases also got around and killed a lot of people but no one thought of blaming the silk road.So next time you see a clothing that you like and you see that it is really  far away it is going to stop in some places and then continue to your location then you can think of the silk road.


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