My country majorly my town to develop

My love for Civil Engineering began ever since I was achild. Having a father who is very passionate about his job as a Civil Engineersparked this interest. He inspired me that it is not about the construction butthe power, ability to think outside the box and the concept of combining thebasic math and physics to find solutions to problems. When I was ingrade nine, my classmate and I went on a field trip to a construction site,where the foundation of a building was being built. Whenever I look at the building, itsfacade never stimulates me. But what stimulates me, is the working andmechanism that governs the construction segment, paying particular attention toeach individual part and analyze how a specific pillar or an arch augments tothe overall beauty and stability of the buildingMy skills are mainly in mathematics and problem solving,but I also have interest in practical work and science subjects like physicsand chemistry.

In school, I gained leadership, teamwork, good communication andorganization skills. I have played a lot of sports like athletics (relay races,sprint races, long jump and long distance races), basketball, netball,volleyball and badminton for over eight years and have won several awards andmedals. I learnt that the result you are seeking requires planning andteamwork. I want to study at your university to accede into a team that has thevision and knowledge required to give society a better landscape. I had a one week experience on Civil Engineering at alarge scale company during the holiday.

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My internship made me aware of whatsort of problem occurs in the real world and how these problems are dealt with.The math, physics and chemistry I learnt in my sixth form came into applicationin reality and I was taught some basics in Civil Engineering like usingcreative designs and team work to achieve set goals.  I am choosing Civil Engineering because it gives methe opportunity to shape the world into a place that will be of benefit to thelives of others around me. I intend to return back to my country majorly mytown to develop it by building better roads, bridges, tunnels, and such andalso to inspire younger children who also have desire to go in my field ofstudy.

I believe I have the set of skills and potentialsnecessary to succeed in my course. I aspire to and learn from the best hopingfor an acceptance into your university. I anticipate a positive feedback fromyour university. I expect I am ecstatic to further my education in UK because Ibelieve it would provide me the opportunity 


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