My that the Cyclops mother was Gaea. They

My presentation is about Cyclops. They are big monsters with one huge eyeball in the face.

They dwelled on an isle name Sicily. They had no fright of God’s. They were truly reckless and had no respect, for they were commonly labeled as being disorderedly creatures.

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They had an appetite for men. They were also not servant of Zeus. They’re helpmates of Hephaestus. The Cyclops are the ones who made Zeus’s weapon.

It was heard that the Cyclops mother was Gaea. They were feared giants because they were strong, and they are very impulsive. They all settled on the isle call Sicily, and Polyphemus settled inside a cave.

One of the most known Cyclops that existed was Polyphemus. An early story of him was that he lived in a cave on an island call Sicily. It was full of food which caused a man named Odysseus and his crew members to walk on this island and walk inside the cave after sailing back from Troy after fighting in the Trojan War. The Cyclops then came back home, and he shield the entrance which trapped Odysseus and his men’s in the cave.

He took two of Odysseus men’s and ate them. The next day, Polyphemus ate another double of his men’s and depart from the cave to go feed his sheep’s. After Polyphemus come back, he ends the life of two more of the crews and eats them.

Odysseus then needed to quickly think of an idea to break free. He offers Polyphemus a special wine he had carried with him. Then he falls for his plan and drinks the wine. He got very drunk and demands for Odysseus name, he tells him it was “nobody” and Polyphemus slowly falls asleep. Odysseus decided to grab a wooden stake and heat it up in the fire. He jumps on Polyphemus and stabs him in hard in the eye. He wakes up in a very painful pain and yells for aid from the other giants. He told them that “nobody” had injured him.

They figure that no one was hurting him and so they went away. Polyphemus opened the entrance, quickly Odysseus and the rest of his crew grabbed onto a sheep as they ran out and escaped. As he got onto his ship and started sailing off, Odysseus, with pride, revealed his true name to Polyphemus. So, He took advantage of his name and prayed to Poseidon, the God of sea, and his father, to put a curse on him so he’ll never reach home. The power that the Cyclops had was they were very strong. They were full of strength. They were also blacksmiths.

They invented the lightning bolt for Zeus and the triton for Poseidon. Their father Uranus dreaded their powerful strength, so he locked them up in a world underground called Tartarus. But as their weakness, they were not the brightest. The Cyclops were born from Gaea and Uranus. One of the Cyclops was Poseidon’s son, Polyphemus, and the rest were his brothers.

The “cyclops” meant one eye. Polyphemus plays an important part in the Odysseys. he had three brothers that were cyclops sons on Uranus and Gaea.


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