My secondary one on visual. What mediator is

My personality style is mediator, and learning style is primarily kinetic style with a secondary one on visual. What mediator is primarily composing of (INFP, -A/-T) Which stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Prospecting, and Assertive. They are largely known to be true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be thought as calm, reserved, or even shy, Mediators have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population. Being a part of the Diplomat Role group on the personality categories, Mediators are guided by their principles, rather than by logic, excitement, or practicality. Mediators are led by the integrity of their goals, not rewards and punishments. At their best, these qualities enable Mediators to communicate deeply with others, easily speaking in metaphors and paraphrasing, while at the same time understanding and creating symbols to share their ideas. Interesting enough Fantasy worlds in particular fascinate Mediators, like due to them having a detail imagination which can lead to very creative ideas and images. It is not surprising that many famous Mediators are poets, writers, actors, game designers, as well as artist. Understanding themselves and their place in the world is important to Mediators, and they explore these ideas by projecting themselves into their work. Mediators’ ability with language doesn’t stop with their native tongue, either as with most people who share the Diplomat personality types, they are considered gifted when it comes to learning a second or even a third language. Their gift for communication also tend to create a desire for harmony among groups a people, a recurring theme with Diplomats, and helps them to move forward as they find their calling. Unlike Extraverted people though, Mediators will focus their attention on just a few people, a single worthy cause spread too thinly, they’ll run out of energy, and even become dejected and overwhelmed by all the bad in the world that they can’t fix. If they are not careful, Mediators can lose themselves in their current assignment. Mediators often drift into deep thought,

enjoying contemplating many things ranging from science all the way to fantasy, and everything in-between more so than any other personality type. Left unchecked, Mediators may start to lose touch, withdrawing into “a isolation mode”, and it can take a great deal of energy from their friends or partner to bring them back to the real world Lucky it only take the right spark to fire up a mediator which make it a great worker when its motivated that is though part of a small bit of the world population the mediator have always been known to be truly a great companion and person in general which make many wishing there were more of them in the world. Sadly, that does not seem the case which is truly a sad thing indeed for the world. On a side note they make great parents

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Due to my learning style primarily being kinetic with a small secondary on visual learn

Due to that most of what I heard I tend to forget while most I see I only remember some but luckily, I can learn but getting down and dirty which is good for coding or any activity involve with physical effort on using muscle like typing and writing. Sadly, most teacher tend to teach in visual and auditory style rather than kinetic style. Most of people with this combination use touch, action, movement and hands-on work in your learning activities. For visualization, focus on the sensations you would expect in each scenario. While I’m a minor visual learner i can learn from is still and better then learning with auditory though it takes a while to fully sink in my brain I can use images, pictures, color and other visual media to help myself learn. While using as much of my much imagery into my visualizations of my imagination. Sadly, while both of those combination s great it still makes it hard to remember verbal orders due to most of what I hear goes from one ear to the other I partly blame my parent for constantly nagging at me when I was a little boy.

Over all with my personality and learning style shall make unique style of experience in college as well in life here’s hope to the poor soul I have to listen to while they teach (mister H.) on side not this is one of the hardest times to write when you don’t have much else to write plus I lost my fire on this paper

hopefully with these trivia of info at the end will work like for example did you know that mediator are hopeless romantics as well tend to be great partner though the sometime to have high stander while other time will be completely open minded to who will be there partners. Also, my personality type explains why all my friend tell me to be writer that or a professor granted nether interest me that much I notice to good at creating stories as well detail blue prints. Maybe I’ll pick up writing and art in the future who knows. On a relative note about friends if you do become one you likely got on for life with a mediator on your side. With conclusion though I can’t wait to use my info on so many things in the future who know what I’ll come up with my crazy mind and I only pity the teacher that has to put up with my personality though granted it might not be much with the other personality here hoping that mister H. will not die from the over load managing different personality types in one room at the same time no doubt. Now that be funny on the new paper college prep teacher mysteriously die of a heart attack cause his multi personality students.


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