My learn in they own unique ways. Developmental

My personal philosophy of early childhood education is children growth is developmental. The children learn in they own unique ways. Developmental appropriate practice is important because, teaching practices in the child’s early years, is vital for teachers and caregivers to be aware of the developmental characteristics of the children with whom they are working. This allows the child to entrust in the teacher and for the teacher to get to know who they teacher is. During the process, both the experiences and theory are embraced to provide early childhood a good quality of education.

I believe a child’s personal and social development is a very key factor in their life. Helping children develop their social skills is something that I will love to help a child to accomplish because it’s not an easy task to master. Seeing that it’s hard for me as a teacher sometimes to talk in front of a big crowd is nerve racking. But, we cannot rush it we have to be patient with the children who struggle to develop positive social and emotional skills.

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