My numerous other species, whether directly or

My original answer was: E.

We must save the rhino because it is the right thing to do.Because Rhinos are an umbrella species. This means their survival or demise directly impacts the survival or demise of other species of mammals, birds, insects, fish and plants. They play a big role in their ecosystem whereby rhinos’ grazing specifically helps maintain the savanna grasslands, and those grasslands sustain numerous other species, whether directly or through predation.What your current answer is and why;My current answer is D. We must save the rhino for our children.

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Why, because we have to inspire our children to care for themselves and others and also nature, as today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders and therefore they should learn to protect their own heritage, and rhinos play a big part of it. We are privileged to still see rhinos in the wild today, and our future generations deserve the same privilege. Furthermore awareness should be created around the poaching epidemic, while all these programmes on African soil are hugely important, education in the countries where rhino horn is highly prized is vital too – none of the incredible efforts in Africa will work while the demand and money is there to procure horn at any cost. We must save the rhino, not just for rhino, but because all our wild animals and wild spaces need protection.

And most importantly for future generations.Reflect back on our discussion of virtue ethics and answer the three key questions we posed in relation to this particular issue:Do I really practice the values I am describing?Yes I do practice the values I am describing in a way by firstly not buying Rhino horn’s products and from time to time Donating to support the work of organizations that help in saving Rhinos in Africa and Asia.Can I really claim that these are my virtues?Yes I strive to do the right things in life, supporting the right causes of humanity inhuman beings and animals.Is what I am saying really what I do?Yes it is.Finally write a comment on what you think about my preferred answer and of course explain why you think this. Your preferred answer is A.

Why? To me this answer either seem selfish in such a way that it was posed that you don’t care or not seeing any value in saving the Rhinos. On the other hand the answer is posed as being confused or not understanding the real purpose of saving the Rhinos.I think we don’t need people who only think and care for themselves without looking at the benefit of having animals and nature in our lives. Rhinos play an instrumental value in the lives of other species by contributing to the ecosystem. Your answer is that of an intrinsic value character, that you have “God given” rights to resources that you don’t care where they are produced.I believe nature’s value is purely instrumental since we gain a lot from it.

Therefore we really need to protect nature as it is entitled to protection because of what it can give us.


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