My Engineering and Technology have developed rapidly and

My name is Amaris Macauley. I am Sierra Leonean. Sierra Leone does not offer graduate studies in engineering as a result I am left with no option than to further my education abroad. Following the openness policy nearly 20 years ago Chinese Engineering and Technology have developed rapidly and this growth has been especially dramatic. China has successfully trained large number of Engineers and Technicians across a variety of disciplines. These Professionals are partly responsible for the growth of China’s national economy and the advancement of technology and science in the world. A graduate level education from China and such Professionals will benefit me greatly for my future career and development.

I view this as an opportunity for me to interact and learn from the best.My utmost educational objective is to expand my knowledge, gain experience and improve my relative standing in a competitive field and a challenging job market, and to take advantage of the outstanding resources available at a world-class research university. Geotechnical Engineering is my preferred field of study as I have already gained minute experience in this field and it has also been diverse and exciting and I get to learn new things every day. I have come to the realization that Geotechnical Engineering isn’t limited to the study of the behavior of the soil but also comprises the construction, design of embankment, foundation, roadways, structures, tunnels and other systems that are made of or supported by soil/rock.I believe China has the right educational system suitable for furthering my education and career and I am sure the constraints (lack of textbooks and furniture, delay in lectures and strikes of Academic Staff etc.) I encountered in my country will not be of concern in China.

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Studying in China as an international student will also give me the opportunity to meet with different international students as well as learning their different norms and culture. Modern day China is the trendsetter for other countries.Geotechnical Engineering is becoming more marketable in my country with several job opportunities opening up from Geotechnical Studies and Exploration in the mines to Planning and Designing structures for buildings, roads, embankments, canals and hundreds of other construction projects to dealing with Geological hazards like landslides, soil erosion to Geotechnical Testing of Soil and Materials for Road Construction which I am presently involved with. Pursuing this course together with my experience obtained will only further strengthen my ability in this field and will also open new job opportunities for me that I would have been deemed unqualified for without further education.Sierra Leone is my homeland and after the completion of my course I plan to go back home and share my experience and knowledge gained with my colleagues. I have no plans of staying in China after my studies as I would want to spend time with my family after the completion of my studies and used the knowledge gained to further the development of my country.

I have completed my undergraduate studies in civil engineering from the University of Sierra Leone, Fourah Bay College in August 2011. Since then


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