My the best Colleges in India to pursue

decision to apply for Masters Program is driven by my aspirations and passion
to pursue research in the field of Bioinformatics. I wish to provide insight
into my personality, my achievements, both academic and co-curricular and my
vision to join Graduate Program of Masters in Bioinformatics in your esteemed

through my school days, I was fascinated by the way Biology coupled with
technology has evolved and taken over every sphere of our lives. It made me
wonder how the life sciences had all the answers to my questions and how simple
devices with innovative technology, made life so simple and easy. This
fascination has developed zeal in me to know more and more about Biotechnology.
Thus, even without a second thought, I decided to undertake Biotechnology as
major in my undergraduate studies. I selected this field of science as the path
to quench my thirst for knowledge of the technology, which is changing our
lives every moment.

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for me have always been a platform to practically experiment the knowledge
gained through theoretical study. My inquisitive nature and a strong desire to
ingrain the fundamental principles as well as techniques of any subject of
study have enabled me to learn things practically. This is evident from several
projects I did at my higher-secondary school level. I managed to do my best
when it mattered most which was quite impressive. Later I joined Sreenidhi
Institute of Science and Technology Affiliated to Jawahar Lal Nehru
Technological University, Hyderabad, Which is one of the best Colleges in India
to pursue undergraduate studies. The excellent course structure at college has
given me a sound and broad conceptual basis, which I believe, is essential for
a research career.

 I have undertaken few projects and in a
stimulating academic environment at the college where learning and research go
hand-in-hand. I designed Hangman Game during the 2nd year of my undergraduate
program. It is a project in C where a user has to guess a word to win. Then I
created Student Database of the whole college during 3rd year called Vasavi
which is being used by many college applications. Thorough knowledge of
Database Management System, Object-Oriented Software Engineering, HTML and PHP
enabled me to successfully implement my projects. Apart from these projects I
have also done a project called Number Plate Recognition using Edge Detection.
We have implemented this project in MATLAB as a team by taking inputs from my
teachers. The aim of the task was to recognize the number plate of a vehicle
and to give an alphanumeric output of a detected image class. It was during
this project that interest towards coding on MATLAB and study of various
signals grew on me. This practical learning motivated me to aim for something
that benefits my college, as a token of tribute for knowledge it provided me. I
aimed at doing a project on image segmentation called A New Approach For Image
segmentation Using Pillar K-Means Algorithm in my college as my final year
project. I was very much appreciated by the faculty of my department for the
idea and efforts that I have put in to make this project a very successful one.

tried throughout my undergraduate studies, not to restrict my activities to
only those imposed by the syllabus. I have availed every opportunity to learn
more and keep myself abreast with the latest technologies, be it attending
various workshops in various prestigious colleges or updating my knowledge
through journals. I have been a member of the organizing team of my college’s annual
intercollegiate Technical Festival Acumen. Being a member of CSI (Computer
Society Of India) helped me in getting an idea about internationally accepted
standards and thus helped me in seeking the latest developments in the field of
computers Technology I believe that extracurricular activities are not only for
social development but also teach the vitality of time management, prioritizing
and long-term commitments. Apart from studies, I am a member of an NGO founded
and run by students called Street Cause. Street Cause was an incredible
experience where I as a team got a chance to give women in a rural village to
gain self-employment by teaching them cloth bag making and also selling them
online. I have also organized a blood donation camp in my college and donated
blood many times myself. I am also a trained Kuchipudi dancer which is one of
the traditional dance forms in India. I have also won a merit certificate in
dance from our college’s dance club.

 With all these experiences I carry forward my
zeal to pursue research in Artificial Intelligence which is my most favourite
subject during undergraduate. It strongly convinced me that studying this
subject further will help me do research in a field which will bring the power
of computer technology to a common layman.

As a
student of undergraduate studies, the curriculum of the course has given us an
opportunity to learn basics of many of the subjects in Computer Science. The
projects I developed has helped me in understanding the practical use of
subjects we learn but here are the innovations that keep evolving not only
technically but also hold infinite scope for creativity and logic. It is my
inquisitiveness to learn more and more, which till date, drives me to not give
up on even the toughest of problems. And it is the love for programming,
combined with my desire to dig deeper into the working of various applications
and technologies propels me to apply for an MS in Computer Science. I intend to
pursue an M.S. degree in Computers Science at your university as the first step
towards obtaining a Ph.D.

exposure of international student body and expertise of your department faculty
are things which will make me achieve good professional skills and technical
knowledge. I am aware that University of Houston, Clearlake sets very high
standards and I’m quite confident that I will meet those expectations and
fulfil my desire of pursuing Graduate Studies. If given an opportunity I will
strive hard to maintain the highest standards and the tradition of your esteemed
institution to the best of my ability.



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