My be a part of human life for

My dream job

When I was a child, around 6 years old. I had a surgery and stayed at hospital 10 days. I was impressed by doctors during my treatment after I came out hospital, becoming a doctor is a purpose of my life.
First of all, doctors or anyone who is related health science impressed me every time. They work for human health, and try to treat diseases. I wanted to help people, so if I would a doctor I was able to help them who had suffer any disease. In addition, doctors give advice good habits for human life, if people follow doctors’ advices they will get healthy life. I wanted to be a part of human life for their happiness.
Secondly, improving health sector with good doctors helps country economy, for example united states have many famous doctors and hospitals and many people from across the world come to here for treatment, however USA patient tourism grew up day by day. I would get more contribution to my country as a doctor than an engineer.
In conclusion, becoming a doctor was purpose of my life to help people and the world, but I am civil engineer although my dream job is a becoming doctor. Now, I give advice to my son you should be a doctor.

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