My can see the sky clearly. there

My dream house is really a dreamy house
It is located in a small beech between waters. every where you look you can see nothing except water. It has a big yard with different types of colorful plants and trees. Trees which are full of sweet and watery fruits and you can enjoy them at any time of year.
My favorite house is very big. it has three floors. the ground floor is a swimming pool. a really big and facilitated one.
the space between the ground floor and the first floor is nothing except a strong glass which the pool view gives a live sense to the house.
the second floor has 5 rooms. one foe my bedroom, two for my children, one for guests and the nicest one with a big window on the ocean and the yard is my painting room that has white walls with my paintings on them and there is a nice fireplace at the corner of my room which gives life to my paintings.
the third floor is the most dreamy one. the roof is an unbreakable curved glass which you can see the sky clearly.
there are some big telescopes at any corner of it which you can observate the ocean and the yard view with them and at night you can enjoy observationg the night view of sky with so many lighting stars and a nice moon. it is really dreamy to sleep while looking at the stars. I love my dreamy house and I hope one day I can make it and it will be my real house instead of dreamy house 🙂


I'm Owen!

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