My of leadership. The definition of management

My definition of leadership is someone who leads an organization or a group of people, with an establish vision and the wiliness to share that vision with others, having knowledge of the vision able to coordinate and balance conflicts in the interest of its members and stakeholders. A leader that will stand in the gap for its team through crisis and difficult situations.
It is important to have a definition of leadership because this role and the structure of a team. Leaders ensure that every role is filled, they guide and provides training for the team. Leaders are important because they are the example that answers question, solve problem acknowledging and assuming the responsibility for decisions, of their actions with integrity. My perspective on the concept of leadership is one who can lead an organization or group with vision that reflect the business.
My approach to understanding leadership is how well one communicates with a team; a leader should understand the role of its followers and it start with the definitions of leadership. The definition of management is controlling, planning and organizing an organization or a team. The difference between leadership and management is leadership leads the organization and management controls the organization

Difference Between Manager and Leader

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