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My research question was “how does synthetic fertilizer given to a plant affect plant root growth?” Plants are vulnerable to drought and changes in precipitation levels that may be a considerable issue in climate change. Over fertilizing can lead to sudden plant growth with insufficient root system to supply adequate water and nutrients to the plants (University of Minnesota Extension). Plants are important because they are essential resources for our daily lives.  Therefore, using excessive fertilizer can cause damage to plants roots and potentially lead to environmental degradation (The Perils of Over-Fertilizing Plants and Trees). Climate change is a growing condition that will likely cause plants to have multiple factors with negative influence in global agriculture.

This issue of declining root growth due to excessive fertilizer use is especially prevalent because of the increased instances of drought across the world.  Shallow root systems limit a plants ability to take in water, so a long period of no water is even more dangerous (Gardening Guides).  The increasing amounts of greenhouse gas emissions raises the annual temperature, which creates longer and more frequent droughts (Climate Reality Project).

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 Short-term effects of prolonged dry weather include wilting and defoliation, while long-term effects include the death of the plant.  The fertilizer and drought puts too much stress on a plant, and nutrients cannot be attained to help it heal (Center For Agriculture).My hypothesis is that an increase in fertilizer concentration will affect root growth of a plant. I predict that when excessive fertilizer is applied to plants it will cause roots to shrivel; consequently, causing plant roots to absorb water exposing roots to rot. The independent variable for my research is the concentration of fertilizer per liter of water.

  The dependent variable was changes of a plants root growth.  Excessive fertilizer causes shallow roots, by increasing the damage of roots by slowing the flow of water into them, therefore indirectly predisposing the plants to certain root diseases.  The effects of synthetic fertilizers given to a plant and the changes of root growth are essential to grow agricultural crops because they are important in preserving plants to sustain natural processes. Farmers and home gardeners alike are not aware of the consequences of excess fertilizer use on plants and the environment.  Additionally, causing plants to be stunted in growth and dying due to recent increases in droughts. As a result,  the of protection of our planet, air, and the structural basis of ecosystems we all live in should be preserved. In conclusion my results will show the connections between fertilizer use and plant growth.


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