MustafaOften only benefit you in the future.This

MustafaOften times individuals may need expectations to become successful in life.There are two types of expectations.One that we need and should have and one that is about other expectations.

However if individuals do not have expectations they may not be able to attain success.Many times individuals have a perception that expectations in educations by parents can lead to stress and the degradation in students grades.However if you notice,students that have parental expectations tend to excel more in life and be successful.This shows the significance of having expectations as they can restrict you from doing negative acts and can make a path to your success.You can relate expectations to chains which can hold you back.

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They hold you back from taking the unsuccessful path.A path where you just dont want to be successful.Expectations play a very big role in our life.They can Affect us both on a positive and negative scale.

They can shape individuals to become successful and content people.There are many types of expectations.The most known is Social Expectations.These expectations are often posed by friends and family.The reason they might have these expectations for you is because they simply just care about you.

The people posing expectations of education on you are not gaining anything from you getting a successful education.It will only benefit you in the future.This point can be shown by an encounter my friend had with a homeless person.

The homeless person started a conversation explaining why he is on the street when he saw his parents. He started to tell them how he had not studied and got into drugs.He also said that one of the reasons his life shifted was because he did not have expectations .he advised to always expect effort from there son otherwise there could be a possibility he could end up like him.(The encounter clearly exemplifies the importance of expectations and what not having expectations can result in.Success is most often based on the imagery of success.Mostly this success comes from expectations from yourself or others.While many may call this a burden or relate it to being chained and forced,however this is not the case.If a student going to highschool is skipping classes leaving school and doing illiegal acts.Committing illegal acts has no benefit and can mean he has no personal expectations and no desire to be successful or are blinded to foresee the resulting outcomes of there actions.Another example that can relate to this is when i was in grade 6 i did nothing but waste time in class.One night there was parent teacher meetings and my mom went to it my teacher complained to my parents that i never focused in class and was always fooling around.When we came home my parents had a discussion with me.We discussed the expectations they have for me and what expectations i should set for myself.I struggled with this at first and showed ignorance towards the wise words they told me.The result of this was i never could not excel and was the same as i was before.There was not even a tiny change in me.Time passed until grade nine and there was a class activity,We had to look back at a specific time in life that could perhaps be a turning point for something in our life.I took a close look and suddenly my heart started to regret the fact that i had shown ignorance to my parents advice.At this time I felt a need to change my habits.In result my grades and behaviour improved.This example proves that expectations have positive effects and can lead to a successful and happy life style.In conclusion,Expectations can have a positive effect in your life.They can turn your whole life around they can take you from misery to success .Without expectations the world would be no where today.


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