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Music is a very influential thing and has deep meaning to different people. It could mean something different to everyone. There are over 1,000 genres of music. The right songs can change the way we feel in an instant.

Music can have many positive effects on a person. The rhythm of a song begins and my body starts dancing as if I’m in a movie. I like throwing myself into a crowd of people or I can be the only one dancing it doesn’t matter. I turn the radio up all the way in the car and scream along and dance to the music. I have always had a broad spectrum when listening to music. My dad always said it makes us more cultured when we listened to a vast majority of music. The three main genres I listen to are: Rap, Disney, and R&B.For instance, I often look to music to express how I feel.

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I listen to Rap music when I’m doing homework. When I listen to music while doing my work, it helps me concentrate. I feel that I’m very productive, and I get a lot more done. I also listen to rap music while I’m working out.

It gets me hyped up. For example, the main rappers that get me hyped up are 6ix9ine because he’s loud and hard core, Drake because he spits straight facts, and Lil skies because he makes me wanna sing along. Rap music gives me motivation to workout and reach my goals.Another genre of music I like is Disney. It taught me to be kind and always live happy. I grew up watching Disney movies and Disney tv shows, so I was the one always singing along.

When I listen to Disney now it just makes me feel like a child again. Also, I’m always around little kids, and that’s the only music they ever listen to. Disney music makes me very happy because when I was little, my dad bought me every little Disney products, from the newest princess to a princess bed set. He would always sing along to Disney songs with me; which made me feel like I was also a princess. He used to tell me, ” One day you’ll find a prince, and you will feel as if you are living in a fairytale. When you start dating a boy, and he doesn’t treat you like the princess you are then he’s not your prince.

” In an article I found it stated that if you are ever in need of an emotional boost, it only takes a max of 15 minutes, listening to your favorite music to get a natural high. This is because the brain releases a natural drug called dopamine. It leads to the increased feeling of joy & excitement when you listen to music you like.Last but not least, maybe my favorite genre of music; R&B. When I first tried to listen to R&B I didn’t like it because I thought it was to slow and depressing.

Then I had a boyfriend who definitely wasn’t my prince & we broke up. I tried R&B again and it was like a whole different experience. One minute it gets me in my feelings & I can relate to what their singing about like the song “You got it bad” by usher. Then, the next minute I could be singing ” Best thing you never had” by Beyoncé.


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