Multi and put intervention into place, outside

Multi agencies work together to support and improve children and young people’s development. Health visitor would identify problems when a child taken for checkups. It depends on the action needed the child could be referred to a speech therapist for speech and language therapy. If children or young person of school age the SENCO would be aware of the problems and put intervention into place, outside agencies then would be informed and the ILP will benefit the child’s speech and language. Schools have policies for children to have their therapies in school hours which are coordinated between the SENCO and relevant agencies. Extra time will be given to children who will then learn different techniques on speech, language and communications. Teaching assistants are experts and they will be part of the ILP and be instructed by the agencies and class teachers on how to utilize these interventions.

There are many professionals who work together when a child has need in speech, language and communication. If a child require support from different areas e.g. social worker, SEN officer, teacher and parents work together to improve the life of a child or a young person. These agencies help a lot children and young people to improve their developments physically or mentally.

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