Mozart was forever a child

Mozart was forever a child. Everything he did in life was as a child seeing something for the first time. First, this is seen in his accomplishments. At age four, he had written a concerto; age seven, a symphony; and at age twelve an entire opera.

Adult, accomplished composers sometimes had extreme difficulty with these things, things that Amadeus had succeeded in producing as a juvenile.His child-like nature was seen in his life. Although a musical genius, Wolfgang was by no means a businessman.

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He accumulated many unnecessary debts and other hardships with his festive and freelance lifestyle. Always trying to reach a pseudo-social plateau, Wolfgang Mozart created a world that he seemed to escape through his music (a world without financial slavery, family disputes, or political intrigue.)Amadeus Mozart only had to hear a song once, before knowing the song. In Amadeus, the most notable scene is in Germany when Mozart replayed the court com poser’s song back to him, as well as improving upon it.

Mozart had not even been trying to learn the song, but just by being in the background noise, Amadeus’s mind had been subtly producing the notes within the genius’s head


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