Moving service by paying a service charge.

Moving to cloud brings numerous advantages to the hospital in different ways. However, health records are sensitive data there for data security is a challenge for the health care industry. These health records are more valuable communication tools which supports clinical decision-making.

We have concern patients’ privacy as well as confidentiality of the health records. In this digitalize world devices like tablets, smart phones and varies of web-enabled uses in our daily life which is keep on expanding also impacts to our daily life routine. If the hospital need to implement new technology, then they have to consider health data are safer and accessible in order to treat patients.
Storing health data on the cloud become a trend in the modern world because cloud-based storage providers have highly secured infrastructure and they are liable for the protection of the data.

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Cost Management: According to this hospital facility and it’s scale they have to involve for more on data security, storage, disaster recovery and etc. It will be a large investment for the hospital and the maintenance cost will be very high. But If they get service from cloud-storage expert providers they can save large amount of money. They can get the service by paying a service charge.

Security: Reputed cloud services providers have highly secured sufficient infrastructure to store data in the cloud. We can encrypt our data before uploading as it is a good idea enough to be on the safe side. To make sure that our data remains safe from hackers, we can write a small script that reads the file in binary and encrypts it with a secret key that only we know. When we wish to download it back, we will have to use the same key to decrypt it. There will be an agreement which tells the cloud providers’ liability of data privacy and security and if something went wrong on cloud providers side they are liable to claim for the organization(Hospital).

Flexible with varies of features: Hospital can discuss with the cloud-provider for further improvement of varies of features and facilities that would be helpful for further improvement of cloud services.

Disaster Recovery: There will be no huge risk at all with the cloud storage, business continuity is more important to the healthcare sector. Cloud collaboration and information-sharing between providers and patients are essential for timely diagnosis and quality of care.

Real Time and Remote Access: Doctors will be able to share files in real-time as well as remotely to consult with other specialists and their colleagues with zero compromise on patient privacy by using a secure cloud-based file sharing. This enables healthcare providers to improve their response times through efficient and safe collaboration.


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