Most fats can be found in oils

Most people in today’s society consider all fats to be unhealthy but there are some healthy fats. Fats are just as important as proteins are for muscles because fats play an important role for distributing vitamins.

The healthy fats that are healthy to consume come from plants and animals. Fish, nuts, avocados, milk, and red meats are all good food items to consume on a daily basis One of the more healthier fats a person can consume are polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats are healthy fats that can be beneficial for the heart when consumed on a regular basis and are the choice of fat to replace trans fats. Polyunsaturated fats can be found in oils that come from from plants such as soybean oil, corn oil, and sunflower oil. Consuming oils from soybeans, corns and sunflowers contain fatty acids that the human body cannot produce such as omega 6 and omega 3. Omega 6 and omega 3 . Also polyunsaturated fats can be obtained by eating nuts, seeds, soybeans and other types of plants. “Polyunsaturated fats can help reduce bad cholesterol levels in your blood which can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke”(american heart association,2017).

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