Moreover, books in university libraries and often there

Moreover, there are special devices which are very compact and can contain thousands of books at the same time. It’s like you carrying the British Library in your pocket! And this is very useful for students. They always have a lot of textbooks which are very heavy to carry. Also students always have a lot of problems connected to a small amount of educational books in university libraries and often there are not enough textbooks for everyone. Copying one book one hundred times and keeping it in one device with another hundred of books is very convenient and useful nowadays. For example, in the article from The Guardian Steven Schwartz (vice chancellor of Masquarie University, Sydney, Australia) tells us about the benefit of EBooks and why they should be used by universities nowadays. “A technological revolution is taking place and it will go ahead with or without us.” – he says. He also believes that “EBooks are the format of the academic future”. And, in my opinion, this is true. Education will be more productive with EBooks involved in it.


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