More was the first large-scale war that

More than any other war before it, World War I
invaded the every day life of citizens at home. It was the
first large-scale war that employed popular mass media
in the transmission and distribution of information from
the front lines to the Home Front. It was also the first
to merit an organized propaganda effort targeted at the
general public by the government.1
The vast majority of
this propaganda was directed at an assumed masculine
audience, but the female population engaged with the
messages as well. A small amount of propaganda was
directly targeted at women, and these images either
emphasized the importance of their traditional roles, or
encouraged them to take on new, non-traditional jobs and
functions. The images of women in British propaganda
from 1914 to 1918 served a variety of purposes and
appealed to a number of audiences, but generally cast
women in two distinct lights: either as powerless victims,
helpless in the face of the war and needing protection, or
alternatively as a vital and important part of the nation
and the nation’s war economy.


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