More statistic, most of people should ask question

More than 88 percent of college-aged students use social media daily, by count some resources  they spend average nine hours in day. After this number, I ask myself, it is so necessary, because it is take more than one of third time on you day, and in week it is around sixty three hour, that almost three day of you week. Today for people social media is something regular and daily, and they do not see  lot of problem in this.   However average people, except people which  work  in social media should be enough 1:40-2:00 spend in social network.

I think after this statistic, most of people should ask question someself, how it is influence on you mental health, especially on mental have teenager, because teenager age it is  period of developing, and what they will be absorbed in himself on this will be built his future life behavior and altitude. Of course many people can say that with social media they can speak and chat with their friends, it can be , but   speak and chat with friend can be enaght 1-2 hour. In this debate, we will be talk about influence social network  However in 2014 years, average people spend on social media 140 minut (2,33 hour) And one of the most popular social network now it is Facebook, people spend on this social network in average  51 minute in day, this  is almost 3 year of your lifetime. Other 8 hour they spend on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube. Youtube is the social media, where is spend most of time, In o ne day throughout world watch just a 100 million hour (11415 years).

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This is of the social media where is people even do not see how many time they spend, because they just watch video, then they other recommendation video, and continue watch just several hours. One person tell very good world “It represents the enjoyment of the fantastically diverse videos that creative people make every single day. Around the world, people are spending a billion hours every day rewarding their curiosity, discovering great music, keeping up with the news, connecting with their favorite personalities, or catching up with the latest trend.” Still it is can be interesting for teenager, because in social media you have a lot of news, and in social media you always can see new, that maybe do not show in TV by property, and teenager want to know all information, and does not care that it is can be very bad for brain tennager , or it is   can be just liy.      Cyber bullying is a big  part of life in social media. In social media people always try to humiliate people in social media and even don’t understand how it is hard for people who got this. They think that they tell just a joke, but people more sensitive than you think.

“Victimization of young people online has received an increasing level of scrutiny, particularly after a series of high-profile suicides of teenagers who were reportedly bullied on various social networks.” it is become even bigger problem when you you know that 51% of young people got a cyberbullying in social media. It is prove that 20% of kids cyberbullied think about suicide, and 1 in 10 attempt it, 4500 kids commit suicide each year. And this is just because people in social media, text bad message to tennager, who think very serisuty about this.        A lot of time when tennager spend time in social media, people always try to ask  advice from other people, and teenager think that they can help them, better than their parents. And this is almost always do nor true, very rarely advice from unknown  people can be right. It is same if somebody go to street and ask some people how better do something in they life.

And people do not do this because they do not know this people, but in internet this is sense loose. “The more social media we have, the more we think we are connecting, yet we are really disconnected from each other” This is actually true, just think when we have some issues, we go in internet and some people, with maybe even do not understand in this material. We should do something with this, because do not always that write in internet it is true.

         Still one big problem when we have  a social media, we don’t speak a lot of with real people. Now people do all very important stuff in social media, for example even 5 years ago, when people want to break relation they meet in some place, and speak why they  should diverse, and this was something normal. However now people afraid to meet with people and said something in eyes, it is easy just to hide in your home and write “goodbye” and never see this person. “31% of teens who use social media have fought with a friend because of something that happened online.

 A 2016 study found that overuse of social media as an adolescent may decrease success in relationships later in life as online communication hinders the development of conflict management skills and awareness of interpersonal cues. One study found that the more Facebook friends a person has, the more stressful Facebook is to use”. people just afraid to see some people in eyes and tell some important question about life people. Maybe it is easy to ask something and do something in social media, but you do not should forget about you thing that you should do in real life and do not impact on social media.                      Also, we can see that when teenager use a social media theme grade become a lowest then people who do not use a social media. “Students who used social media had an average GPA of 3.06 while non-users had an average GPA of 3.

82.  Students who used social media while studying scored 20% lower on tests.  College students’ grades dropped 0.

12 points for every 93 minutes above the average 106 minutes spent on Facebook per day.” We see that it is lowest on some percent your average GPA, and we see very clever that if you don’t use a social media when you do homework, you grade become better. It is no very hard to don’t use a social media when you study or do some homework, and always it is do not take so many time, that you can not be without a social media.                 Actually this thing one of the most dangerous thing in a social media. A lot of crime person use a social media, when they want to killed or rob some people.

How it is work, for example when people move somewhere to rest, they always take photo of place when they are. Most of this people send this photo in social media, but rob smart people and they always check social media people which they want to robbery “Gangs use the sites to recruit younger members, coordinate violent crimes, and threaten other gangs. Sex offenders use social media sites to find victims for sexual exploitation. 78% of burglars “admitted they use Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Google Street View to select victims’ properties,” and 54% said that “posting status and whereabouts on social media is the most common mistake made by homeowners.”  Even when somebody want kill you, he always check you geoposition, and so they can check where are you.                 Still one problem that do big problem in school that children chatting with usind social media, some children posted photo of test  in social media, even when some children still don’t take this test.

“The SAT has had similar problems with students posting parts of the exam to social media. In Mar. 2015, two students in Maryland were accused of cheating on the 10th grade Common Core tests by posting questions on Twitter.” And this is problem not just maryland, this can be problem all education system in USA, because if somebody do this, it is will be do somebody else.              However they can not even talk about  new evidence for social media,  because people just   waste your own  time on social media.

Now if youth people, don’t know that they want, most of this people go check social media, but they just spend on social media this time, if famous people spend this time on social media they never be reach this successful which they got know, and when people said that on free time they waste his time on social media, they just lose his life, you never got this time that you spend on social media and  don’t got nothing from this time, people  don’t learn nothing from social media. In year people spend average 3000 hour on social media, for this time you can learn how to do something new, something that you want, but people just spend this time on social media.                What we can do with this big problem?  I think people just should deal that they very like, and when they got this deal, they already don’t will be so interesting social media, for example if some person like cooking, when he will be have a free time, he will be read and teach how he can cook better, and if people want to be best in his deal, he will be spent all of his free time in this hobby. However main problem that people just don’t  know what they want to do in his life, and regular day become just social media-eat-work-eat-social media-sleep. Of course some people know that they want to do, and all his free time they spend on this, but most of people no.


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