Moral success of any company. Supportive and positive

Moral Importance of Corporate CultureCorporate culture is a broad term use for common values and practices of employees of an organization. The corporate culture determines the actions, feelings and thinking of the employees. Corporate culture also include psychological and social environment of the company.

Distinctive identity of a company is symbolized through its corporate culture and it represents the basic ethics, values, beliefs, and behaviours of an organization. Morally strong corporate culture is vital to the success of any company. Supportive and positive work environment will be motivating for the employees and they will aspire to achieve both individual and organization’s goals (Howell). Corporate culture is critical to ethical behaviour of employees and it can drive them to exhibit positive behaviours. Corporate culture greatly determines moral behaviour of its employees. The focus on corporate culture is increased globally to help companies to restrain corruption. Filabi and Bulgarella investigated the factors which are crucial to ethical corporate culture and could be helpful in reducing corruption in the companies. Results demonstrated that ethical culture is composed of both positive and negative aspects.

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The positive aspects are labelled as qualifiers, whereas, negative aspects are labelled as disqualifiers. Qualifying factors are the ones that encourage employees to show ethical behaviour and disqualifying factors increase the likelihood of unethical behaviour. Qualifiers represent characteristics, which any company needs to incorporate, to ensure ethical orientation of their employees. The components of qualifiers identified are high organizational trust, ethical leadership, benevolent orientation of


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