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Moral Dilemma: To Tell or Not to TellAuthor Name(s), First M.

Last, Omit Titles and DegreesInstitutional Affiliation(s)Author NoteInclude any grant/funding information and a complete correspondence address.Moral Dilemma: To Tell or Not to TellSocial media is something that is supposed to an enjoyable extra commodity in life. It is used to make new friends, keep in touch with old friends and show what is going on in our own lives. Unfortunately, people may live a double life and social media can reveal that, on the most part unintentionally. When this moral dilemma arises from this shocking discovery, how to handle it can put a person into a very difficult situation.Overview of SituationOne day, perusing through Facebook, I came across a profile that looked similar to a good friend’s boyfriend of three years. The issue was there was another woman in the picture. This profile picture is not the same as the one that I have seen on her page.

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I clicked on it after some initial hesitation, out of curiosity. The profile showed that he had been married since 1999! I have been on several double dates with her and her boyfriend over the years and only though he had a son and had never been married. I went through various scenarios in my head, that maybe this was an old Facebook page, but there had been recent updates on it, and was my friend aware of her boyfriend being married or not.Friendship consists of being compassionate and honesty. My friend has a young son and has introduced him to her boyfriend. I felt that this is not a good situation for him to be involved in, as he has a great relationship with his biological father. The mother also gets along well with him, and I see this causing trouble down the road.

For the sake of honesty, I decided to discuss my findings with her because I feel that she is young and could be wasting her time on something that may never come to fruition. The issue was, maybe she already knows, and is under the impression that her boyfriend is going to leave his wife for her. I have seen these situations before and they usually do not turn out well. References BIBLIOGRAPHY Last Name, F. M.

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