Monsters by things in real life, such as

Monsters are born from people’s imaginations. If someone sees something unusual, or something they can’t explain, their minds automatically fill in the blanks for them so it makes sense. Sometimes, the only way for something to make sense, is to make up a monster. A monster can also be a personification of a person’s fears, mainly fear of the unknown. They can also be inspired by things in real life, such as frightening animals or people.
Monsters reveil the fears of the society and cultures who create them. For example, in Mary Shelley’s book Frankenstein’s Monster, Dr. Frankenstein creates a creature using science that is ahead of its time. The creature ends up escaping and terrorizes the town. The book was written during the industrial revolution in France, when many things were being replaced by machines in a very short period of time. Mary Shelley may have feared that technology may have been getting too advanced, and may get out of control, like the monster in her book.
Monsters serve many purposes. One of them is that they help people deal with what they fear most in life. If someone makes something invisible like fear have a physical being outside of their head, then they will feel like they can fight it or hide from it. Another reason that monsters exist, is so the world can have good. Without evil, we can’t good, and monsters are the evil that their needs to be. Other purposes they serve are to entertain and to people together.
Monsters live among us in many forms. The most popular, is in pop culture fiction. There are a large array of books, movies, TV shows and even songs that feature monsters of every sort. Some of the most famous fictional monsters include vampires, zombies and werewolves.


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