Modern only behind the “Microprocessors.”2 The cheaper

Modern industry, scientific workstations, robotics, and regular activities have been greatly aided by the use of control systems. The extensive use of the control systems is evident in the cruise control of vehicles, the temperature control of baby incubators, the temperature and humidity control of cell incubators, the mobile control of robots, and many more applications in countless scientific research and industries. The PID algorithm is a simple process, which is easy to understand conceptually and implement practically. The advantageous cost/benefit ratio provided by the PID controllers makes them the most frequently used control tools in industry.1The PID controllers have been extensively used since 1980s for the control engineering practice.

The PID controller has been suggested as the second most important control decision and communication instrument of the 20th century only behind the “Microprocessors.”2 The cheaper price and the compatibility in interfacing with the advanced computing programs like MATLAB and LabVIEW make Arduino the preferred microcontroller for teaching. The arduino controller is the main part of this work. Arduino Uno will be used here.

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Construction of arduino controller is shown fig 2 below. The pulse width modulated input signal from weighing system is send to arduino as input. It makes some calculations as per numerical algorithm and send 0-5V to the output.

The whole numerical calculation will be done according to the PID algorithm.


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