Modern general hospitals and clinical centers is necessary,

Modern health systems aim to increase the quality of health care. Taking into account the advantages of modern technologies as well as the importance of adequate diagnostics and emergency medical therapy, it is suggested as a logical conclusion of the need to use modern technologies in the treatment of emergency patients.
Telemedicine represents the provision of health services through the use of information and telecommunication technologies regardless of the geographical location of the medical team, patient or medical equipment.
The active implementation of telemedicine would contribute to the reduction of health care costs, improving cooperation between different levels of health protection, providing quick consultations in emergency medical conditions as well as education of health workers.
During the provision of emergency medical care, good cooperation with general hospitals and clinical centers is necessary, which would enable the use of information and communication teams to enable the creation of virtual teams, groups of physicians who work in different time, geographic and organizational areas with the goal of setting up a quicker and more precise diagnosis.
Health systems tend to economize, standardize services and deliver the best results. The formation of virtual teams, supported by the opportunities provided by information technology today, will contribute to better organization of work, significant improvement of the quality of work of health workers, speed and accuracy of setting diagnosis and consequently faster decision-making on further therapeutic action with less health care costs.


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