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Misty Copeland lived in a motel when she was a kid. She was very poor with many siblings. She was a prodigy in dance a soon became a star.Although Misty Copeland went through a rough childhood she discovered her true talent, dance.

She had much help along the way and faced many challenges being African American dancer. Misty Copeland went through a tough childhood mostly because she was poor. When Misty was little her Mom was constantly changing between boyfriends and marriages. With that came moving from town to town a lot. She also had a very diverse family and tons of siblings.

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The large family was very tight in money so they had to move into a Motel. Most of the time for dinner they had to eat from the vending machines in the halls or get noodles from the convenient store.  Without a doubt, the family had gone through some rough times.

Sub topic 2: Misty Copeland was naturally talented at the dance. One Misty Copeland walked into her local Boys and Girls Club. They were doing ballet and although she didn’t have the proper clothing she joined anyway.

 Immediately, the teacher who ran the Boys and Girls club, Cynthia, “Cindy” Bradley saw that Misty Copeland was very good at dance. Misty picked up moves very quickly and Cindy saw she was a prodigy. Cindy asked Misty to take classes at her own dance school and she waived her class fees. She graciously accepted to go to the class and within 3 months she was on pointe. She trained very hard and she loved dancing at Cindy’s school. Eventually, Cindy asked Misty and her mom if Misty could move in with for continuous training.

Her Mom was very unwilling at the beginning but said yes because she knew it was best for her daughter. Misty was slowly but surely making her way to fameSub Topic 3:Misty Copeland worked very hard to become an amazing ballerina. Misty missed her family a ton. But, she knew what she was doing was best.Eventually, Misty trained all the time and soon she was so good that she needed harder training that she couldn’t get from Cindy.Cindy knew she couldn’t teach Misty anymore because she didn’t have any more to teach her. Since Cindy couldn’t teach her anymore.

So, Misty started to look for dance school scholarships. She had gotten a lot of answers expect the school she truly wanted to go to, American Ballet Theater (ABT) in New York .Finally she got expected and moved to New York.There she worked really hard and became the first African American principal ballet dancer at ABT.Conclusion: Without a doubt, Misty worked very hard to be where she is now.

 From growing up in a motel to living in the big apple .Although Misty Copeland went through a rough childhood she discovered her true talent, dance.


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