Mind in the development of mobile apps

Mindinventory operates within the app development industry alongside webdevelopment, through the way in which it provides web design and developmentservices to the web industry via specialising in internet marketing serviceswhich cater for branding, aswell as boosting the growth of mobile applicationsand aiding their marketing. Both the app and web development industries haveboomed substantially over recent years and have as a result thrived and evolvedsince the 1990’s, with specific regards to the app development industry, it isestimated to be worth $77 billion as of 2017 with 268 billion mobile downloadsaccounting for this, with the amount of app developers within the industryexceeding 12 million.

There has been a stark increase in the development ofmobile apps in the global market, and since the mid 2000’s, the industry, withspecific regards to software/apps/web interactivity, has experienced immenseadvancements that have consequently resulted in it evolving massively. This isdue to the technological advancements of the mobile phone over the past decade,which has naturally led to the development of the industry, which can now bedivided into two interrelated sectors; mobile app development and mobilefriendly design. Mind Inventory faces competition in the industry from variousequally successful companies and services, with some of the main rivalriesincluding WillowTree, hedgehog lab and ArcTorch. With regards to the webdevelopment industry, its rivalries include Feb Fountaion Media and Mobikassa.

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Mind Inventory itself is based within India, and it faces additionalcompetition from services and companies here, with the main one being fromIndiaNIC Infotech Limited due to the fact the company provides services forboth the web and app development industries. Thefuture of the app development industry is seemingly uncertain, with its currentexpansion possibly resulting in in challenges, for instance; the idea ofmultiscreen will become ‘every screen’, meaning app developers wont design fordesktop and mobile anymore, it appears that the industry may be damaged as itcontinues to evolve and move to an era of seamless connectivity and experiencewhere ever we are and on which ever device. 


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