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Millions of people make mistakes every day, thus a part of growth and maturity in any learning experience. There is no one on this planet that does not create any kind of mistake in their lifetime. They are a part of life. In fact, the people that are prone to making some form of mistake are presumptive of not making that same mistake or others like it. To keep from making these mistakes, people need to be able to come clean and acknowledge their mistakes. The medical profession is made up of an uncountable amount of learning experiences, however, this creates room for mistakes to occur. That’s why the medical culture is the way it is now- extremely innovative and advanced. We are now able to transfer organs between people with the same blood type, construct organs from 3D printing, and create artificial body parts. These creations were not created and perfected on one person. This took time and a great deal of commitment, as well as mistakes made by the doctor’s. With these mistakes, they have caused people to lose their lives on that operating table. This has created a way for doctors learn from their mistakes and learn how to sharpen and redefine their skills. Doctors should be able to express their feelings and own up to their mistakes. The medical culture is not an unadulterated or flawless profession. They make mistakes like everyone else. No one is immune to making mistakes. Doctors should be able to admit to their professional errors for the reason that they would risk their mental state of mind if they don’t express their feelings, they will be creating room for more and bigger mistakes, and this will limit doctors from repeating the same error previous doctors have made.
Depression is a life-threatening mental illness. Despite the fact that Doctors are the one diagnosing patients with this mental illness, they are not immune to depression. According to The University of California, “the medical profession has a higher rate of depression than the general population,” (Bright 1). Doctors have this giant weight on their shoulders that states that they need to be perfect and not make any type of mistake. Grasping onto this perception of being perfect can trigger several Doctors to feel a sense of hopelessness and worthlessness. This type of feeling can cause anyone to spiral downward. When these certain individuals start to feel their lives slip and don’t have someone to confide in during their vulnerable times, they will start to damage their mental state of mind as well as their professional career. Society knows how demanding the medical profession is and how brutal the competitiveness is to become a doctor. They go through years of vicious studying and training along with a numberless amount of insecurities. To sit there and think about how their entire career, which they have worked so hard for, is going downhill can take a vast toll on that person’s heart. Knowing that the nights they stayed up trying to memorize every possible detail about a certain illness or learning each part of the human body and what it does, was a waste of time can leave a heavy, dark weight on their shoulder. This feeling can cause doctors to think that all of their hard work was for nothing. They will be in a depressive state that allows them to decrease their work ethic and become a doctor who is not responsible. A non-responsible doctor can mistreat patients and it may even lead up to the death of a patient from a mistake they made. This is the exact reason why doctors should be able to talk to and confide in someone they are comfortable with. This will allow them to open up and express their thoughts about their errors they have constructed. Furthermore, this will help them get the veracious feedback and support they need in their vulnerable time of need.
When Doctors make professional errors, they should be able to shed light on what they have done wrong. Most doctors walk around trying to hide the fact that they did make a life changing mistake. This, trying to cover up and hide their errors, is what leaves room for an increase of mistakes and error, however it also causes a decrease in their work performance. With doctors not been properly trained on how to disclose their mishaps, they don’t know how to go about on telling them. Doctors should be able to address their mistakes and learn how to properly express what they did. They should have the right to know that what they did, does not reflect on them as a person. This would not be just another way of public humiliation, but a way to come clean and be able to admit to their guilt. Just because the doctor made a mistake, does not mean that they are a bad and malicious person. It means that they are human, and they make mistakes, just like non-doctors do. Their attitudes and what they do to correct their mistakes is what reflects on them as a person. In order to reduce the amount of errors made, there has to be a form of communication between doctors. Not just a casual conversation, but exchange of mishaps made by others. This would allow other doctors to come forward and open up about their mistakes as well. The medical profession is a culture that thrives off of teamwork. To be able to express and share thoughts among others, it will expose a different world to the doctors. If doctors don’t have this safe haven, they will have to carry this substantial amount of weight on their shoulder. This can bring so many problems and setbacks to the patients as well as the doctors mind. Properly addressing their errors can actually help doctors out quite a bit, as well as their patients. This will allow their patients and their families to know what exactly is going on and what they can do to help the situation. Having to deal with all the stress on their own can be heart wrenching. Communicating with the patients about their errors can also help increase and build a better doctor and patient relationship. This can stop their patients from suing them, as well as changing their primary care doctor. This, in all, benefits the hospital community as a whole.
If doctors would open up and converse with their coworkers, they could help each other out in ways they don’t know. Instead of trying to be the most perfect doctor, or trying to keep a certain image they should be able to talk about the errors they have made, so others don’t make that same mistake. They can learn from each other, and help build each other to become better doctors. Each profession in the medical field are building off of each other. In most cases, there cannot be one profession without another. For example, a surgeon would not be able to perform any kind of surgery without an anesthesiologist. This is one of the prevailing explanations as to why there needs to be a foundation between doctors so they can come forward about their mistakes. Other doctors will be able to sponge off of their coworkers and provide a place of comfort in their work place. Learning how to communicate and unveil their mistakes can create an effective environment and learning opportunity. This can help eliminate the unforgiving feelings of guilt, shame, and anger with oneself. If knowing how another doctor may feel when he/she make a mistake, other doctors can learn about double checking their work or asking for help when they need it. When asking for help from a person who has already made this mistake can help guide them in the right direction of what necessary steps to take next. If the medical profession could limit the number of mistakes made by simply talking to one another, they could take the medical culture to a whole other level. They would be able to pin-point on what went wrong and how they can fix it.
No one is immune to making an error or a mistake in their life or their profession. It’s a part of life that is completely natural. It’s not impartial for a Doctor to not have someone to confide in. To walk around with a cloud of shame hovering above their head can and will affect their mental state of mind. This can also affect any kind of Doctors work ethic. That’s why having someone to entrust in can prevent a lot of mistakes that go on in the medical culture. This will be an assistance to decrease a great number of mistakes and errors made. Partaking in a talk that will allow the doctor to open up and confess to their wrongdoings in a non-judgmental space can create an atmosphere that prolongs the community of the hospital and the patients. This will also be able to let all of their emotions and viewpoints off their hearts. Talking freely can provide doctors with the encouragement of a meaningful self-reflection. The advantages of opening up to others can have a massive, long-lasting effect on someone. This will forever be a tool that a doctor could use when they have to deal with another mishap during their career. By allowing doctors to open up, this can assist in ensuring the patients that they are in the hands of an experienced doctor that knows how to handle themselves and overcome a demanding and rigorous mistake. The patients are coming to pay a visit to the doctor in one of their most vulnerable states. They should be able to rely on their doctor to handle their problems in a safe and responsible manner. If the patient cannot put their trust into their doctor, then they have failed as a doctor. If the doctor is not responsible, then they will lose their ability to have their patients feel confident with their choices. Doctors have good intentions when it comes to their patients. Acknowledging their errors can assist and improve the medical field and limit the mistakes of others around them. This also creates room for improvement and better relationships in the community of thriving doctors. The medical field is constantly changing and making progress every day. There needs to be a form of communication to help minimize the number of errors made.


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