Michael escape, and write songs. His favorite place

                          Michael was again about toface another mountain of Molestation charges. In Santa Barbra Michael wasarrested for Molestation.

Michael Jackson case was the biggest case of thecentury. Michael was acquitted of all charges. According to the Santa Barbrapolice department “they’re was not enough evidence to truly convince peoplethat he did anything wrong.” The trial lasted 13 weeks, even though he wasacquitted the trial thoroughly destroyed Michael’s reputation. In 2008 Michaelwas near bankrupt, so he decided to do one final tour called “this is it.

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”  In 2009 Michael died in his house in LosAngeles because of a Propofol overdose. CNN announced on June 25, 2009 “TheKing is dead.” Some believe Michael faked his death and attended his ownfuneral, but nothing to prove any of this but coincidence.             Michael was still a known super star with many hits, and a great fanbase but his biggest downfall is just about to come. People knew Michael acteddifferently than other famous people. He liked to be alone in his huge ranchcalled “Neverland.” Neverland was a place Michael could go to escape, and writesongs.

His favorite place to write songs was in a tree he called his WishingTree. Michael also invited Children to stay a week with in Neverland, anotherthing Michael did that people thought weird. In 1993 Michael was accused ofmolesting a young boy. Michaels’ name was going through the mud, and all hecould do was hope that his truth would win.

Michael settled this by giving thefamily 23 million dollars. The damage was done, Michael name was nearlydestroyed. What many believe was to save his good name, he married LisaPresley. The daughter of Elvis Presley. The marriage didn’t last long, only alittle over a year. Michael was still Michael after all this, and still invitedchildren to Neverland even though many advised him not too.Later Years           He used videos to draw more peopleinto buying his album, and it worked better than anyone thought.

The video was15 minutes long, and had a storyline to it. People went crazy for it. Thisalbum was Michael’s greatest success, and biggest downfall. He would spend therest of his years trying to beat Thriller, but never did.

He came out with morealbums, all successful but none wasn’t even close to thriller.               To start off Michael’s solocareer was “The way you make me feel”, which did really well. It went top ofthe charts very quickly, and was a big success.

But no one could have predictedthe storm that was about to come in “Billie Jean.” This song blew the worldaway in a fashion no one saw coming. This was Michael’s first taste of solosuper stardom.

Michael was ready, and hungry for more, but that dream was cutshort when his father, and brothers came back and wanted him to come back.Michael feeling guilty agreed to his father demands. Not without a pricethough, he wanted a solo spot in the 25th Motown recordsanniversary. He wanted the spot immediately after The Jackson 5 performance,many believe to symbolize that that was the past, and his solo music was thefuture. Michael performed Billie Jean, and made history. Not only did he cementhimself as a solo artist, he broke out his most iconic dance move, themoonwalk, and man did people go nuts. He also use his Famous silver glove forthe first time. After Michael did his best show maybe ever, he had one moreobligation to his family.

He announced that the Jacksons will be doing a toutcalled “victory.” No one realized what he was planning for the last show on thetour. It was then that Michael announced he will no longer play again with hisbrothers. Fear of the pressure he would get if he told them, he decided to notto warn them beforehand. Michael went on to create his first solo album “offthe wall” with Quincy Jones in 1979. This album was a big success, it sold 7million in its first year. Michael was very sad to learn that he was only nominatedto one Grammy, which he didn’t even win. Michael was sulking for weeks beforehe decided he had to move on.

Many people don’t realize how much that fueledhis fire. He put his old album behind him, and was ready to make a new one. Hecalled his friend, and co-writer Quincy Jones. Michael was ready to proveeveryone wrong, he wanted to completely set the world on fire. Then in 1984 hecame out with “Thriller.” This album made Michael a worldwide icon.

Thrillersold 66 million copies, the most sold album in history, and he wasn’t donethere. He created a music video for his song “thriller” that revolutionized howpeople viewed music videos. Only a rare few did music videos, because of howexpensive they were, and they didn’t see the advantage Michael did.                 Michael was still terrified ofhis dad, and didn’t know how to go about separating from the group. That wasuntil he got an offer he couldn’t refuse.

A role in a movie with Diana Ross,Richard Pryor, and Lena Home called “The Wiz. ” His dad was outraged thatMichael was even considering this, little did he know Michael already decided.His dad try to convince to stay, but Michael was not going change his mind.This was potentially one of the biggest move of Michael Jackson’s career. Thismovie started the separation between Michael and his brothers.

This is where healso met Quincy Jones, A producer/songwriter, which Michael instantly connectedwith. The King of Pop               No one could deny Michael’snatural and raw talent for singing, and dancing. He even seemed like a prodigyof just being on stage. The way he sang, Danced, and just knew how to have funwhile doing it, it was just never seen before especially for someone of hisage.

The Jackson had much more success with songs like ABC, Rockin Robin, I’llbe there, and much more. Then Michael hit puberty, which he describes as “aliving hell”. Michael was a severe perfectionist, and couldn’t stand the waypuberty affected him.

He was obsessed with his image. Acne, facial hair, andjust becoming a man was not an image Michael was fond about. His biggestconcern though was the way his voice would change, and how would it affect hissinging. Michael got through it though, and came back with a stronger, andbetter controlled voice. Shortly after he knew it was time to go his own way,and leave the Jackson 5.

How was a completely different question though?             Everyone loved the Jackson 5, theyskyrocketed to top of the charts. The fame did come at the price though. Withall the rehearsals, touring, and school there was little time for normal kidactivities.

“I would look out the window in the studio and just watch the otherkids play baseball, or other fun activities, and ill cry” Michael Jackson saidto Oprah Winfrey. That’s all he would do, everyday all day. His very strict dadmade sure Michael would practice until he was absolutely perfect, and sometimeseven after he perfected The song, or dance. Their first top of the charts hitwas “I want you back”. I want you back was a global hit, and changed the waypeople looked at the Jackson 5. Girls of all ages were in love with Michael andhis brothers, even white girls, which was very controversial for this timeperiod.

Michael Jackson was bornon Aug 29, 1958 in Gary Indiana. Michael was the seventh of nine siblings. His dad,Joe Jackson, discovered his kids musical talents, and created the band ” TheJackson Brothers.” Michael joined the band when he was eight years old in 1966.Even as a little kid he shocked the world with his natural amazing voice, andother worldly dance moves. He never seemed nervous or anything when playing infront of a crowd, he was something special.

In 1968 Michael, and his brothers performedfor Motown Records, and they loved him. They signed him almost immediatelyafter. They changed their name to “The Jackson 5” shortly after the signing. BerryGordon, The founder of Motown records, saw Michael and his brother’s potential,and moved them from Gary Indiana to Los Angeles. They ended up Moving in withBerry Gordon shortly after. The Jackson 5 Set the world on fire, and did it soyoung.


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