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Mheta P, J. 26560755The story of Can Themba “The Suit” is a romance story between two couples Philemon and Tilly. The story takes place in Sophia town, Johannesburg Township, and Philemon is employed by a middle class lawyer. At the beginning of the play Philemon is a keen husband. And as a dedicated hardworking man and a fine friend. Furthermore, “the news of his wife’s adultery makes him become a detached, controlling and rancorous husband”, but before this all happened Philemon loved his wife and was happy with it. Moreover, According to Bott (2018:1) “the romance theme is apparent as the wife in the story is found in bed with another man, the relationship between these people two affects the marriage and therefore she must have had a valid reason for having an affair”. Furthermore, for the collapse of Tilly and Philemon was due to Tilly’s boredom.

Philemon spent most of his time at work he leaves early in the mornings, and returns later from work, which leaves Tilly in a boredom whereby it will later result a chaotic rather a very complex situation between the two married couples. Philemon works for aMoreover, “the distress factors are obvious, the husband is going to be distressed that his wife has cheated on him, and she is going to be distressed at the way in which he deals with the suit throughout the rest of the story”. Moreover, Philemon finds two best strategies in how to torture his wife to cheat on him. “He is tortured as he has remember that his wife was in bed with another man, and she has the obvious torture of the suit being treated as a real guest within the house that they share and have together”. Moreover, the character of Philemon is that he prefers to command wherever he goes he is a control freak, furthermore “Tilly’s affairs occurs outside Philemon’s self-imposed boundaries and he is not equipped to react to the crisis Bott (2018:1-5).

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References.Bott, F.2018.

What is The Themes of The Story, “The Suit” by Can Themba Maluleka B, L 30202639


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