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Meznah AlmaghlouthAcademic #381230061ENGL 211 / CLN2Essay #1 – Process (First Draft)King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health SciencesOctober 18, 2018 How to Attract New Customers to Your Business Every company needs to obtain new clients and keep the ones they have to succeed in their business. The business’ owners must understand how to control sales specially the small business owners.

Small business owners can be successful by only one choice, and it is having a real thought. Also, understanding the system that business owners need and building it within their company so that they can afford themselves a framework of organization that can make the small business to a big one. Gerber (2009). However, it is a little hard for small business owners to grow their brands. Moreover, small business owners are not usually very good at keeping their customers and at getting new ones unlike the large business owners.

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However, there are many easy and effective ways to attract new customers to small business and to sustain them. The first way to attract new customers is having social media presence. Most of the small business owners have less presence in social media, and they are missing their chance to interact with their customers. Furthermore, the best solution for this problem is to use social media frequently. Looking at clients’ feedback and what they like about the product is good example. Gerber (2009) stated that without concentration, a business will be ordinary in every respect, because it will have no presence, no inner force, no way to attract the people upon whom it depends for its very existence – employees, customers, suppliers, and lenders.

Another way to attract new customers to the business is to offer discounts and deals. In fact, deals and discounts are a huge opportunity to save money for people, and it influences customers to buy more products. Also, it expands the owner’s brand and business. “To ensure we are meeting the demands of existing customers while also attracting new users, we remain focused on building cutting-edge technology and introducing new and innovative product offerings,” Oringer (n.d). Finally, small business owners can attract new customers by printing and distributing flyers. Although it is a simple way, yet it is very affective to expand or advertise the business.

For example, try to distribute flyers to universities’ campuses or schools or even to people’s house doors. With this way, people will know more about the owner’s business, and they will search for more information about the products. Also, make sure to use a good application for designing flyers’ templates like PowerPoint and Canva or any other application that is made for designing flyers. In conclusion, having social media presence, offering discounts and deals, and printing and distributing flyers are the best ways to attract new customers to the business. Without effort, there is no success, so try to use the time to plan the stages of the business to make a successful company.

Ramana Maharshi said that no one succeeds without effort… Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance. Maharshi (n.d).

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