Mental health problems may develop as a consequence of reproductive health problems or events

Mental health problems may develop as a consequence of reproductive health problems or events. These include lack of choice in reproductive decisions, unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion, sexually transmissible infections including HIV, infertility and pregnancy complications such as miscarriage, stillbirth, premature birth or fistula. Mental health is closely interwoven with physical health. It is generally worse when physical health including nutritional status is poor. Depression after childbirth is associated with maternal physical morbidity, including persistent unhealed abdominal or perineal wounds and incontinence.
There is evidence that depression is the most important mental health condition for women worldwide and makes a significant contribution to the global burden of disease. Women suffer more often than men from the common disorders of depression and anxiety, both singly and as co-morbidities.
Ravindran, 2001, has described in the work by the WHO on Women’s mental health about the various Reproductive rights of the female partner. The rights that are being described by her have its basis in the various reviews of literature and extensive reading that has gone into from her side, and the team from the WHO that has been working in the current area for a while now. She has been able to identify the various areas that can be classified or those that can be introduced as the first step towards identifying the Reproductive Rights of Women.
These are: –
(i)the right to life;
(ii)rights to bodily integrity and security of the person (against sexual violence, assault, compelled sterilization or abortion, denial of family planning services);
(iii)the right to privacy (in relation to sexuality);
(iv)the right to the benefits of scientific progress (e.g. control of reproduction);
(v)the right to seek, receive and impart information (informed choices);
(vi)the right to education (to allow full development of sexuality and the self);
(vii)the right to health (occupational, environmental);
(viii) the right to equality in marriage and divorce;
(ix) the right to non-discrimination (recognition of gender biases).


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