Mendeley folder, add any variety of reading or

Mendeley is a desktop and web free reference manager and academic social network that help researcher to organize their research, discover the latest research and also to help researcher to collaborate with other researcher online. The co-founder of Mendely is Jan Reichelt but was sold to Elsevier in 2013.The features of Mendeley is that it has many ways to create and import any references from many sources. We can use drag-and-drop files of folder, add any variety of reading or other material manually or if there is any PDFs added to Mendeley, it can automatically get information from the PDFs. Mendeley also can integrates with OpenOffice and Word. Mendeley able to insert any citations into new documents that including endnotes and footnotes.

Mendeley was made up to support for any styles of citations including a lot of journal citations. Using Mendeley also can help us to connect with other Mendeley’s user and discover research using Mendeley’s online interface. We can join any group that has the common interest to get information about what materials they used and we can discover more on the research. The strength of Mendeley is that it can automatically generates any citations and bibliographies which help us to easily organize and do any citations.

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Mendeley also can help us to find the relevant materials base on what we reading. Using Mendeley we can easily find any research without any difficulties. We can access our material anywhere as long as we online when we use Mendeley. Using this features, we can do our reading anywhere and everywhere we want without any worries. We can read our material on the go using iOS and Android app for Mendeley.

The weakness of Mendeley is that it need to be use online. When we are at the places where there is no service, we cannot access to Mendeley which can delay our word. Mendeley also cannot detect some of the material which sometimes cause the citations cannot be done.


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