Me we know will make our business’s

Me and my family are starting up a beauty center to provide all beauty products and services, hair, nails, skin, and makeup.

I will manage providing the best products for our salon while my mom supervise’s, then my sister will be doing the makeup and hair section, and my cousin is a nail artist, she can create a lot of different designs and colors, finally my brother will manage the finances. One more thing that we know will make our business’s income better is home service, we will provide home service care for our customers because sometimes people are busier and don’t have enough time to visit a salon during week days, or it will just be easier for them to just order beauty care at home. Inner beauty is what makes us beautiful, but it doesn’t hurt to be extra pretty. girls love to glam and be extra at everything and our goal is to provide them what they love, they adore different hair colors and treatments, love a new haircut every once in a while or have their nails bling and shine.The main thing is to love what we do, and each part of my family is in their right place in this business.

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