MCCS-C22 The facility will relocate and align with

MCCS-C22 May 2018MEMORANDUM THRU1SG Cinnamon T. ChambersSFC Jose A. MunozFOR SFC Franklin M. AguilarSUBJECT: Decision Memorandum1. For Decision.

2. PURPOSE. To develop a plan to relocate Wilford Hall Medical Center to a larger facility3. RECOMMENDATION. I recommend SFC Aguilar sign Course of Action (COA) relocating Wilford Hall Medical Center (WHMC) to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC).APPROVED____________ DISAPPROVED____________ SEE ME___________4.

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BACKGROUND. WHMC is a military treatment facility (MTF) located at Lackland Airforce Base, Texas. The mission is to move this MTF to a larger facility. The facility will relocate and align with BAMC consolidating to one military treatment facility (MTF).

Relocating WHMC creates an increased competitive MTF with combined joint forces. BAMC is equipped with 425 beds with space for an additional 200 beds. Currently WHMC closes operations by 1630hrs. Twenty-four hour care provided in new location for inpatient and outpatient care needs. The community benefits from having all medical service treatment provided in a much larger location.5. DISCUSSION.

a. COA. 1. Decommission WHMC reverting patients to BAMC fiscal year 2020.(1) Advantages: Level I trauma center. Local move produces a low cost balance sheet.

Facility is fully operational for transitional care. Airforce and Army combine medical staff. Larger space accommodations for patients and families. Provides continuity of care for joint services.

Access to more clinical outpatient services. (2) Disadvantages: Time allocated to relocate patients, staff, and equipment. Expense and time to find a reputable transition company for relocation and deactivation. Inconvenience for local community that utilize the facility. Medical equipment damages in transit and improper instillation.

Compromise of patient medical records. Patient and staff miscommunication causing interruption in transitional care. Contracting and Civilian staff loss due to relocation. Local patient community suffer from closure. Effectively communicating with moving company, staff, and patients. Health services combined with the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) can become a safety risk b.

COA 2. Renovate WHMC to accommodate patient care load(1) Advantages: Upgrading the size of the facility accommodates influx of Soldiers, family, and local community. Medical staff would not have to relocate.

Mission would continue with little to minor interruption. Less risk of infection for patients and staff(2) Disadvantages: Cost to expand increases the balance sheet covering financing, materials, construction, and architectural expenses. Expansion will interfere with daily mission and patient care needs. 6.

IMPACT. Relocating Wilford Hall Medical Center to Brooke Army Medical Center is a cost effective move. The Level I trauma center is capable of providing care to sizable number of patients. This move will provide Soldiers and families with one place to begin and end patient care. Continuity and high quality care within one facility.

The move is beneficial in providing patient centered care.7. COORDINATION. DCOFS, G-4 _________ CONCUR/NONCONCUR______________DATE GEN Bart O. Iddins_________ CONCOUR/NONCONCUR_____________DATE8. Point of Contact for this memorandum is SSG Keisha Smith at (210)-601-2846 or keisha.s.

[email protected] M. AGUILARSFC, USASmall Group Leader


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