Maybank innovation. ‘E’ stands for ‘Excellent and Efficiency’

          Maybank was established in 1960,where it is a trade name for Malayan Banking Berhad. Today, Maybank is thelargest company by market capitalisation listed on the Malaysian Bourse (BursaMalaysia). Among the listed Malaysian companies, Maybank was rank as the firstand it is listed as top 500 leading companies of the world in the Forbes Global2000. Besides, Maybank engaged with a network of over 2,100 offices in 17countries worldwide.

Their vision is to be the leading financial servicesprovider in the world, driven by passionately committed and innovative people,creating value and serving communities While, their mission is to humanisefinancial service by providing people with convenient access to financing, havingfair terms and pricing, advising customer based on their needs and being in theheart of the community.  Interms of core values, Maybank believe in core T.I.G.E.R values which is ‘T’stands for ‘Teamwork’ where it is refers to work together as a team based onmutual respect and dignity, ‘I’ stands for ‘Integrity’ which is explain byhonesty, professionalism and ethic when they are dealing with the people, ‘G’stands for ‘Growth’ that represent their passion and constant improvement andinnovation. ‘E’ stands for ‘Excellent and Efficiency’ that shows they arecommitted to deliver outstanding performance and superior services to thecustomer.

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While, ‘R’ stands for ‘Relationship Building’ for continuously buildlong-term and mutually beneficial partners.  Photo1.0 Maybank Sibu Central Branch InMalaysia, Maybank have 384 branch offices and more than 2,800 automated tellermachines. One of the branch office is Maybank Sibu Central Branch. It islocated opposite to the pos office and it is very strategic location as it isin the middle of Sibu town. In terms of products and services, Maybank Groupincluding Maybank Sibu Central Branch offers a comprehensive range of productsand services includes commercial banking, investment banking, Islamic banking,offshore banking, insurance, factoring, leasing and hire purchase, trusteeservices, asset management, stock broking, nominee services, venture capitaland Internet banking.

Photo2.0 Example of organizational chart of Maybank GroupAccordingto the latest news regarding the current development of Maybank, they justintroduce ‘facial and voice recognition’ capabilities for Maybank2U digitalbanking. This development makes Maybank as the first bank in Malaysia to offerthree biometric login authentication features on a financial mobile application.For the organization structure, all Maybank branch including Maybank SibuCentral Branch followed the hierarchy level of management where the Chief ExecutiveOfficer (CEO) as the top manager of the company and follow by middle managerand first line manager.               MANAGEMENT FUNCTION          Representing the Maybank Group, Ichoose to interview the branch manager of Maybank Sibu Central Branch.

Hecurrently working for Sibu Auto Finance Central specialize in marketingdepartment that also known as processing department. He is Mr. Frankie WranthyeAnak Duin Dull. He has worked with Maybank for 13 years.

He started hiseducation in a Diploma in Public Administration at UiTM. Then, continue hisBachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Marketing also UiTM. He also has thequalifications of Certified Credit Professional from Asian Institute ofChartered Bankers. Basically,manager is a job title that is used in organizations to denote an employee whohas certain responsibilities to lead functions or departments and employees.The manager is assigned to a particular level on an organizational chart.Employees who have the job title of manager have diverse responsibilities forpeople and functions. The job description of a manager varies from organizationto organization depending on the responsibilities that are assigned to the jobfunction. Amanager’s prime responsibility is to lead the success of the company.

Hisactions should all be poised toward business growth. Companies hire managers torun daily operations, coach employees, maintain quality control and ensure thatits products and services are fulfilling customer needs. Managers mustconstantly review the company’s financial, budgetary and production goals. Ifthe company is falling short of its goals, it is up to the manager to make thenecessary adjustments to get back on track.

A manager’s duty is to lead theorganization to success. Besides, the manager should lead the employees that isunder their control and monitoring them in order to make sure that everyone ison the right track.   Mr.Frankie Wranthye has been in the field of accounting for a long period. He hasgone through a lot of experiences especially in leadership. He is awell-prepared manager in terms of performing his responsibilities. In terms ofplanning, Mr. Frankie come up with clear objectives before he come to hisemployees.

He will plan what should be done. For example, he will present howmuch profit that the company should earn and how much sales that the companymust get. This way could help the department to establish programs forachieving the goals and objectives. Besides, when everyone is clear with theplan and programmes it will help the employees to understand it much betterespecially their duties.  Fororganizing, Mr. Frankie usually arrange and conduct a plan A and plan B forevery event or programme as a back-up plan as the first plan may be not work likewhat they want.

Other than that, he also recognizes the talent of the employeesin what they good at for specific tasks. He is also make sure the resourcesthat they have is good enough to allocate the resources in correct path for thecompany. For example, he assigned the employees that is good in certain fieldbased on theirs specialize skill. This is to ensure that everything that mustbe done are running smoothly and also to prevent problem occur related to thejob field in terms of duty and responsibilities. Accordingto Mr. Frankie, leading is the most difficult part as a manager because to leadpeople, we need to have a strong leadership skill as leading is same as toconvince and persuade people. For example, to lead his employees and to makesure they in the right track, he always clarifies what he wants his employeesdone.

He also tries to be a good problem solver for his employees related totheir job or responsibilities. Besides, Mr. Frankie also delegates theresponsibilities based on the employee authority limits in certain cases. Thedelegation of responsibilities not only as an opportunity for the employees toimprove themselves but also to overcome individual limitations in terms ofknowledge and skills. Interms of controlling, Mr. Frankie usually do a meeting once a week with hisemployees. In order to know what going on for that week, how the progress oftheir plan and so on.

Besides that, he also can monitor his departments fromtime to time to ensure that his employees in the right track. For example,during the short meeting they can discuss about the performance of thedepartment within that week. They also can measure their potential in terms ofsales target and so on. Generally,Mr. Frankie oversees relatively large departments that is consisting of severalsmaller units where he is the middle manager between the top manager and thelower manager. Besides, he uses his skills completely to carry out hisresponsibilities as a manager in terms of conceptual skills and human skillswhere he able to visualize the whole organization and help the organization toachieve their goals and objectives. The four functions of management arecrucial for an organization to succeed. Therefore, these functions should beproperly developed and implemented for an organization to succeed.

              PROBLEM IDENTIFICATIONAND SOLUTION          Managers are usually in a betterposition to influence and lead change. Manager is responsible for implementingoverall organizational plans so that organizational goals are achieved. In mostorganizations, being a manager means a better compensation package and nothaving to sit in a cubicle. Most importantly, there is nothing like thesatisfaction of helping an individual or team reach their goals and perform attheir best. However,there is always a price to pay for the status and those extra rewards andperks. The higher the position means the heavy the responsibilities.

Same goesto Mr. Frankie when it is related to responsibilities especially when work withinternational company such as Maybank. Every position or level will face thesame thing to carry out their responsibilities.

 ForMr. Frankie, the major problem and challenges that he faces in his career is whenit comes to team conflicts. As managers, he wants his employees work as a teamand collaborate to achieve the goals. When one employee comes to him withcomplaints about another employee, it puts the himself in a difficult positionof having to arbitrate the dispute.

But it is important to distinguish betweentask or personal conflict when alerted to a situation between team members. Taskconflict is proven to be healthy and lead to the consideration and developmentof alternative ideas. Personal conflict however, is toxic on teams and must beeliminated immediately. So, the effective solution for the problem is toclarify team values early in the formation process such as aspirationalbehaviours and team member support of the values as a compulsory requirement. Thenext challenge for Mr Frankie is dealing with underperforming employees.

Not allhis employees will do their best. Some will have personal issues that interferewith their work. Technically it is not his problem, but any issue that contributesto an underperforming employee will be his problem. He need to help hisemployees to cope with personal issues, such as provide motivation and counsel,also steer them to appropriate resources inside or outside the company. Indirectly,not only help his employees in terms of their personal issues but also increasethe productivity of the employees where they can contribute more and performbetter for the company.

    Besidesthat, getting the team to be productive also a challenge for Mr. Frankie as heknows the key to success to make their team as productive as possible. This canbe a challenge because everyone is different, requires different levels ofattention, and works in different ways.

So, Mr. Frankie must be professionalwhen it is coming about his employees to build a productive team. As a manager,what he must do is create environment that is good for everyone which is findout what works best and adjust accordingly. At the same time, he need to befair in terms of delegates the task and responsibilities to his employees.

 Lastly,the challenge that Mr. Frankie face is managing and implementing change.Implementing change often mean role changes.

As we know, work now is highlyvolatile and competitive. To keep their edge and make them remain profitable,he need to continuously discover and adapt with the changes as naturally changewill bring uncertainty and always affect the decision making. To overcome thischallenge, he need to determine what training is needed and ensure the resourceis available for that situation. Creating the right conditions for change willultimately work as a foundation for a smooth transition into a new process orinfrastructure.  


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