MAX.NG partner with companies like Bajaj to make


NG LOOKING TO TRANSFORM AFRICA’S TWO WHEELED TAXIS (OKADAS).Gaining grounds is the name of the game, and every business owner is a player, and it is safe to mention very subtly or loudly as the case may be that MAX.NG is a leading contender in the Logistics and transportation race in Lagos state.”The reception has been massive, we are doing close to three thousand rides a day within Lagos alone.

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What we do predominantly is transport people from the mainland to the island and vice versa, so because we have taken the initiative to use Lagos state requirement of Motorcycle usage, we partner with companies like Bajaj to make high quality, stronger, safer 200 cc or 220 cc motorcycles that can move freely on the highway. Said Chinedu Azodoh Cofounder and CTO at MAX.NG in his recent interview with CNBC Africa.When asked about pricing “Mr Azodoh” stated that because pricing is also important, it is not as cheap as a danfo but it is not as expensive as an uber or a taxify either, we charge by kilometers so getting from Yaba to Vi could cost like 700-800 Naira rush hour or not, because reality is you would probably reach your destination the same time irrespective of the traffic situation.


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