MASTER like material science, manufacturing technology, computer

MASTER OF SCIENCE INMECHANICAL ENGINEERING                           STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I have always been curious bynature. This has been the most important reason behind all my careerresolutions. In the class 11th we visited to the manufacturing plantof ABB(ASEA brown boveri) and I surprised to see that how theymanufacture the bearing that used in automobile. This experience rose myenthusiasm to search for mechanisms of every machinery. So, my attentivenesstoward mechanical engineering become strengthen, not only that but mechanicalengineering demonstrate the typical emblem of human acquirements and has leftsome of the supreme landmarks in the history of humankind.  and thus when I passed my 12thwith 75% marks in science field, I was very sure about my area of interestchoose to mechanical engineering. As an applicant to yourmasters programme , I am very glad to introducing myself to you. Therefore, Ipresent background information about my education experiences and studyobjectives for admission to the masters programme in mechanical field at inyour reputable university.

I likely to inform you that after my 12thin science subject I took an admission in babaria institute of technologyand science for degree in mechanical engineering. Our college has alwaysbeen a pioneer in the field of mechanical engineering. Our college has CNCmachine, lathe machine as well as it have foundry workshop and CAD/CAM labs.The time table and course of study design such that it cover all the subjectsin particular time period with most efficient way. Around 4 hour of lecture and2 hr of practical study it included in daily curriculum. Which is why the BITSis considered to be conceptually most sound by the state level industries.

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 I have obtained a overall 7.8cumulative grade point average(CGPA) out on a scale of 10(CGPA). During mystudy I have been introduced with number of new area of mechanical engineeringwhich was very new for me before.

Fundamental subjects like material science,manufacturing technology, computer aided designing and manufacturing, dynamicsof mechanics, fluid power engineering, machine designing and Internal combutionengine attracted my interest. Some advanced subject of my focus are manufacturingprocesses, operation research and automobile engineering. Moreover,automobile is the elective subject in my final year.

  Our college one of the bestcollege of the Gujarat technical university(GTU).however, our universitylast year organized international experience program (IEP) at Kansasstate university(KSU) located in Kansas state, USA. And I also took a partin that program, according to that I covered two important subjects of my sixthsemester at Kansas state university one of the subject was power plantengineering(PPE) and other one was the machine design(MD) . Moreover,we visited to one thermal power plant named Jeffry energy center, whichone of the sub-bituminous coal-fired power plant with the capacity of 2.16gigawatts and was amazed to see that how the electricity generated. Besidesthis, it was great experience of study in Kansas state university. Not onlythat but I scored overall 80% marks in exam of that two subjects.

So Iwould like to say that I experienced USA education system and I bring back lotof memory with me.  I would also like to discussthe project, which I am undertaking in the last year of my engineering study.The project is related to renewable energy.

The project named solarwater distillation using phase change material, which is very uniqueproject. besides this, it include solar concentric disc contain around 450small glass pieces, as well as it include glass tube water container, solartracker. Furthermore, it have a layer of phase change material on glass tube ofwater, so that it gain the heat when sun intensity high and released heat whensun have a low intensity and give this gained heat to water so water willvaporized and separate impurities. In fact, the use of phase changematerial(PCM) make my project unique. In addition to that, The cost ofproject is also low and it low weight made it more portable. However, PCMmaterial used in many application as heat storage material but I used thisability of material to increased efficiency of present type of solar waterdistillation system. It also have one solar tracker which track  the sun and change the direction ofarrangement.

so that, it help to increase overall working time. Due to itportability it can be used at many places where hardly to get pure water.            Along with GRE general testin which I scored 292 out of 340.

After all, I have research informationof many universities and found that your institute is the best institute whereI can slake the thirst for knowledge in mechanical engineering. I believe thatwhat your university looks for in a prospective student is a strong potential,motivation. I feel confident that with dedicated input from the curriculumdeveloped at your school, advanced research facilities in labs, in your respecteduniversity will sharpen my inherent skills and increase the depth of myknowledge. your university is important for me because it gives me an opportunityto work with best teachers and fulfill my dream. Thus, I would like to join amasters program in yours acclaimed university.

 I am really enthusiastic thatyour university will consider my application and help me to reach my goals.Please contact me if you have any questions.My email address is: [email protected] yours,Jaykumar patel


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